Collegiate Valorant Player Stomps The Enemy Team From The ER

Collegiate Valorant Player Nishil had to play from the Emergency Room, because the team they were playing refused to reschedule. Guess they should have rescheduled...

Valorant Collegiate Player Nishil
This dude slaps harder than Thanos | © Riot Games, Nishil (via Twitter)

During a Valorant competition, the collegiate player Nishil had a medical emergency and was sent to the ER. Because of this, his team asked their next opponent, if they could reschedule the match, which they refused.

Nishil, suffering a pancreatitis and laying in a hospital bed, decided to participate in the match anyway. The Game was a best of 3, so he might have had to participate in up to 5 games, depending on their performance. Still under medical care, this could have proven rather difficult.

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So I guess, Nishil and his team decided to make it as quick and painful for the enemy team as possible, absolutely stomping them 2-0.

The matches weren't even close! Equipped with his gaming laptop and his medication, Nishil and his teammates annihilated their opponents. The matches had a 13-1 and 13-3 score, so they got absolutely manhandled. Talk about a real life superhero story in Esports. He is a certified badass for this one, and his team deserves a hell of a lot of respect as well.

The best moment, though, was when Nishil requested a 5-minute break, to get some shots. The disrespect!

Imagine, you're getting absolutely annihilated by the enemy team, who have one dude playing from the ER, and then they ask for a 5-minute break, so he can get his shots. Just uninstall the game at that point.

Even Riot took notice and stepped in, gifting Nishil a gun buddy and VP for his efforts. It's not much, but it's honest work.

If you're curious how much those VP might be worth:

Regarding Nishil's health, a teammate of his responded on Twitter, saying that he is fine now, so we actually get a happy ending to this epic story.

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