The Valorant Points Prices Across All Regions

Riot Games has placed audacious price tags on their Valorant skins for Valorant Points. And those Valorant Points come at a price tag which we'll check out below!

Valorant Points Price
How much do Valorant points cost? | © Riot Games

Valorant skins have been notorious for their high price delivering some of the best animations and quality. They're purchasable with the Valorant Points currency Riot Games introduced into the game. But Valorant Points come at the cost of the real money inside your wallet! Every region presents different prices for VP, so let's go ahead and check out the Valorant Points price for all regions.

Valorant Points Price: United States

Here's the Valorant Points price for the United States:

Valorant PointsPrice
475 VP$4.99
1000 VP$9.99
2050 VP$19.99
3650 VP$34.99
5350 VP$49.99
11000 VP$99.99
Valorant Points Price US
The price of VP in the US! | © Riot Games

The cheapest option here is 475 VP at $5, and you can get the Battle Pass at $10. And all those Battle Pass rewards are totally worth it when you take into account the massive price tag of other VP options!

Valorant Points Price: Europe

Here's the Valorant Points price for Europe:

Valorant PointsPrice
475 VP€5
1000 VP€10
2050 VP€20
3650 VP€35
5350 VP€50
11000 VP€100
Valorant Points Price EU
The price of VP in EU! | © Riot Games

Like in the US, the Europe Valorant Points prices are pretty close. They're even offering the same amount of VP for the deals, including the expensive 11000 VP at €100! Speaking of expensive, you should definitely check out the most expensive Valorant skins!

Valorant Points Price: United Kingdom

Here's the Valorant Points price for the United Kingdom:

Valorant PointsPrice
500 VP£4.50
1050 VP£9
2150 VP£18
3650 VP£30
5500 VP£45
11500 VP£90

The UK's VP options are a tad bit different from the above ones we checked out. At closely around the same amount of cash you'll be obtaining a little more Valorant Points.

Valorant Points Price: Australia

Here's the Valorant Points price for Australia:

Valorant PointsPrice
525 VPAUD$7.99
1025 VPAUD$14.99
2175 VPAUD$30.99
3975 VPAUD$55.99
5800 VPAUD$79.99
9750 VPAUD$129.99

The Australian Valorant Points prices also don't vary too much from the rest regions. Give or take, you'll still be able to get some budget Vandal skins if you catch them in the store!

Valorant Points Price: Canada

Here's the Valorant Points price for Canada:

Valorant PointsPrice
475 VPCAD$6.99
1000 VPCAD$13.99
2050 VPCAD$27.99
3650 VPCAD$47.99
5350 VPCAD$69.99
11000 VPCAD$139.99

The Canadian Valorant Points options are the exact same as the US and European ones. They also closely follow the same price tag, so you shouldn't worry spending your money on the best knife skins!

Valorant Points Price: Brazil

Here's the Valorant Points price for Brazil:

Valorant PointsPrice
475 VPR$16.9
1200 VPR$39.9
2300 VPR$74.9
4400 VPR$139.9
5500 VPR$169.9
11500 VPR$349.9

Now we have something different when it comes to Valorant Points. This is because R$349.9 converted into US dollars is $65.51. For closely half the price you'll be getting the same amount of Valorant Points!

Valorant Points Price: Mexico

Here's the Valorant Points price for Mexico:

Valorant PointsPrice
550 VPMex$99
1150 VPMex$199
2400 VPMex$399
4250 VPMex$699
6300 VPMex$1029
12400 VPMex$1999

The Mexican Valorant Points prices are special in a way that they give a lot more VP for the same amount of money. For example, the most expensive option in Europe gives you 11000 VP while in Mexico you'll get 12400 VP with an extra 1240 VP!

Valorant Points Price: Turkey

Here's the Valorant Points price for Turkey:

Valorant PointsPrice
175 VP₺17
900 VP₺85
1450 VP₺130
2850 VP₺250
5250 VP₺450
8500 VP₺700

Turkey has by far the cheapest Valorant Points prices ever. At 700 Turkish Lira, which is USD $40 at the moment, you'll be getting 8500 VP. So if a Premium Tiered skin bundle costs you $100 in the US, you can get that bundle for more than half the price in Turkey!

Valorant Points Price: India

Here's the Valorant Points price for India:

Valorant PointsPrice
500 VP€5.49
1000 VP€11.99
2050 VP€21.99
3650 VP€43.99
5350 VP€53.99
11000 VP€99.99

India also has an option called Paytm where you could purchase Valorant Points with Indian Rupees. The prices of getting VP with Paytm are consistent with the above ones for purchasing with a credit or debit card, so you don't have to worry!

Valorant Points Price: Malaysia

Here's the Valorant Points price for Malaysia:

Valorant PointsPrice
375 VPMYR13.9
600 VPMYR19.9
1250 VPMYR39.9
1900 VPMYR59.9
3400 VPMYR104.9
6750 VPMYR199.9
Valorant Points Price Malaysia
The price of VP in Malaysia! | © Riot Games

Malaysia's by far the most different from other regions when it comes to purchasing Valorant Points. While the other regions boasted the most expensive option at around US$100 with 11000 VP, Malaysia's most expensive option is 6750 VP, roughly half the size! It's also close to the Champions 2022 Skin Bundle price, so is it a coincidence!?

Valorant Points Price: New Zealand

Here's the Valorant Points price for New Zealand:

Valorant PointsPrice
599 VPNZD$8.99
1025 VPNZD$16.99
2175 VPNZD$34.99
3975 VPNZD$62.99
5800 VPNZD$89.99
9750 VPNZD$144.99
Valorant Points New Zealand Price
The price of VP in New Zealand! | © Riot Games

New Zealand isn't too different from the standard VP prices we saw above. The only notable difference is the downgrade of the most expensive option, but you don't have to worry as you still can get the best Phantom skins with that amount of VP!

Valorant Points Price: Russia

Here's the Valorant Points price for Russia:

Valorant PointsPrice
575 VPRUB₽379
1050 VPRUB₽649
2200 VPRUB₽1290
3650 VPRUB₽2090
5500 VPRUB₽3090
11000 VPRUB₽5990

And that's it for all Valorant Points prices across all regions. Are you planning on purchasing yourself some Valorant skins? Make sure you visit our Discord server and let us know what you'll purchase with your precious Valorant points!

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