All Valorant Skin Tiers Explained

The exclusivity and rarity of weapon skins in games are often represented by their price and status. And Valorant's skin rarity is presented through skin tiers. So let's take a look at all the skin tiers in Valorant!

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All price skin tiers for weapons in Valorant! | © Riot Games, EarlyGame

Weapon skin tiers in Valorant stand for how good the skin looks alongside style, animations, and sound effects. Higher skin tiers show more good-looking weapon skins. The skin tiers are also referred to as price tiers in Valorant since higher prices mean higher tiers. But what do all skin tiers mean, and how much do the skins differ? Well, buckle up as we'll check out all the skin tiers in Valorant!

Select Valorant Skin Tier

The Select skin tier is where the cheapest skins are in Valorant. It starts off with 875 VP per weapon skin, and 1750 VP per melee skin. Select weapon skins don't include any animations and sound effects. They're usually just simple reskins with some visuals slapped on the weapon. An example bundle for the Select skin tier would be the Smite skin collection.

This skin tier was created with the intention of making Valorant skins accessible to everyone. Albeit a bit ugly, they do their job. You can also find Select price skin-tiered weapons within the best Battle Pass skins.

Deluxe Valorant Skin Tier

The Deluxe skin tier represents somewhat low-class weapon skins in Valorant. Deluxe skins are 1275 VP per weapon skin and 2550 VP per melee skin. These skins usually don't come with any animations and effects, though there are skins in the Deluxe tier with a simple green screen-like effect on the weapon. A perfect example of this would be the Silvanus skin collection.

The best way to describe the Deluxe skin tier would be to say they're weapons from the Select tier, but with much better visuals. They're still a lot more affordable than the skins we'll check out below, and can be found within the Battle Pass.

Premium Valorant Skin Tier

The Premium skin tier in Valorant is where some of the best skins start to appear. The prices for Premium skins are 1775 VP per weapon and 3550 VP per melee skin. These skins come in packed with good animations and sound effects, enough to feed the feeble eyes of players. One example of Premium skins is the Xenohunter skin collection.

There are a lot of Premium skin-tiered weapons, including the Recon skin bundle too. Unlike the previous skin tiers, Premium skins can only be obtained through purchase.

Exclusive Valorant Skin Tier

The Exclusive skin tier in Valorant is where the best of the best alongside the most expensive skins lie. Their prices can vary from 2175-2675 VP per weapon skin and 4350-5350 VP per melee skin. Exclusive skins in Valorant have it all: the best animations, the best sound effects, pull-out animations, and much more. They're basically different weapons than the originals. An example of Ultra skins would be the RGX skin collection.

These skins go to extreme prices upwards of $100. But interestingly enough, there's still 1 skin tier left that competes with these prices. The Champions skin bundle is Exclusive, but players consider it Ultra…

Ultra Valorant Skin Tier

The Ultra skin tier is the last skin tier in Valorant with its most expensive base price ever. They go for 2475 VP per weapon and 4950 VP per melee skin. If you thought the animations from previous tiers were sick, then you aren't ready for the Ultra skins. They come jam-packed with animations out of this world, and even special voice effects such as with the Protocol skin collection.

That's all you need to know about skin price tiers in Valorant! Although the skins can get a bit pricey, some people think the visuals are worth it. But what do you think? Join our Discord server and let us know!