How To Get A Fist Bump Gun Buddy

There is a way for you to earn the exclusive Riot Games cosmetic in Valorant for free! How? We'll tell you.

Valorant riot gun buddy cosmetic
Can you even get it? | © Riot Games

In the pantheon of desired Valorant cosmetics, the Fist Bump Gun Buddy is quite simply one of the most sought-after in the entire game, even more so than premium skins.

For upwards of a year, the Gun Buddy's status as an actual obtainable item in Valorant has shifted from being a joke cosmetic to actually becoming a nice ornament players can get their hands on. Getting it has never been straightforward, as the developers seemed to be the only ones with access to it and the power to choose who else could boast it.

Ways To Get A "Fist Bump" Gun Buddy

Riot Games Gun Buddy In Action
"Fist Bump" gun buddy in action | © Riot Games

On July 14, Riot Games finally clarified and put in motion somewhat of a plan to battle toxicity by making the Gun Buddy a random reward players could earn for showing amazing sportsmanship while playing the game.

In short, you'll get a chance to earn the Fist Bump Gun Buddy by being a good sport in front of a Riot Games employee. "While you should always demonstrate these traits, you only have a chance of receiving a Fist Bump if a Riot employee sees you in action. Also keep in mind that it's not a good idea to ask a Rioter for the Gun Buddy. There’s a limit to the number of Fist Bumps each Rioter can give out, so they’re unlikely to give you one just because you asked—if anything, this lessens your chances." a blog post states.

If you want a quick summary of do's and don'ts to increase your chances of earning a Riot Gun Buddy, here it is:

  • Be courteous with other players, regardless if they're doing well or not
  • If you see a Riot employee in-game, don't ask them for a Gun Buddy. You'll more than likely make your chances of getting it drop to zero.
  • Do not reach out to Riot employees outside of the game, especially if you're plan is to harass them via social media
  • Just play the game and be a good sport regardless if you get the Gun Buddy or not!

Running into a Riot Games employee is extremely rare as most are incognito. Even in the off chance of queuing up with one that openly admits they work at the company, showing genuine sportsmanship must come first.

So there you have it! We hope you're lucky enough to run into a Riot Games employee and earn the Gun Buddy.

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