How To Get A Fist Bump Gun Buddy

This "fist bump" gun buddy has already got legendary status at this point. Some consider it the most expensive skin in the game, and there might be some truth to that. Here's what you can do to get it!
Valorant riot gun buddy cosmetic
Can you even get it? | © Riot Games

"Fist bump" gun buddy is unquestionably the rarest cosmetic in Valorant, and no other skin is even close. Not only is it nearly impossible to get one, but you can only use it on a single weapon! This "bro fist" is a symbol of friendship with Riot Games, and therefore, a sign of prestige.

And we know how that may sound – neither are you a known pro player nor do you know any Riot Games employee. Moreover, you probably repeatedly insulted that company on a voice chat after Jett killed you while flying over your head. So, all chances are lost, right? Well, odds are definitely not by your side, but technically, you can still get it!

Ways To Get A "Fist Bump" Gun Buddy

Riot Games Gun Buddy In Action
"Fist Bump" gun buddy in action | © Riot Games

Although it's the rarest cosmetic in the game, the rules for getting it are super straightforward. There are two ways to get this famous "Fist Bump" gun buddy:

  • Being a Riot Games employee
  • Convince a Riot Games employee to gift it to you

So, if you are not a Riot Games employee, how can you convince one to gift you this gun buddy? Well, the thing is, nobody knows.

We know that urnotjustin got it for buying literally every skin in the game and telling a Riot Games employee about it; that's a pretty expensive way of getting this gun buddy. But the conclusion we can draw from this is simple – you have to impress the developers somehow. And you don't even have to be a famous streamer or pro player; being nice in an Unrated game could be good enough.

In 2021, one Reddit user was surprised to find a legendary "Fist Bump" gun buddy in his collection after playing an Unrated game, after which it turned out he was playing with a Riot Games developer. Moreover, the developer himself responded to his thread:

We often give them ("Fist Bump" gun buddies) to players that are naturally being good sports and making the game fun for their teammates. The reason I gave all these folks gun buddies was that everyone was universally positive and having fun even though we were strangers. This is how I want all my lobbies to be but unfortunately, sometimes people are going through stuff or are immature and make things less fun for people. (source)

It's also worth noting that not every Riot employee will have "Riot" in their nickname, so you can actually run into one at any time.

That being said, here are our suggestions on what you can do to maximize your chances of getting a "Fist Bump" gun buddy:

  • Sign up for a job at Riot Games
  • Support the game in some creative way that the community will appreciate
  • Find yourself in a game lobby with a Riot Games employee and don't be toxic
  • Qualify for one of the VCT tournaments and talk to a Riot Games employee

Yeah, none of these ways are easy, but that is the point! "Fist Bump" gun buddy is supposed to be something prestigious. And honestly, we like the fact that there is a cosmetic in the game whose price is to "do something cool".