Valorant to Counter Smurfs: Smurf Detection System in Testing

Smurfs have been an issue in Valorant for a really long time. And Riot Games have finally started to take action against the smurfs by testing a smurf detecting system in the game!

Smurf Detecting Banner Image
Begone Valorant smurfs! | © Riot Games

Smurfing in Valorant has been an issue for a very long time. The whole player base has been arguing over smurfs ruining their gaming experience. Though the worst part about smurfing is that players very often find themselves stuck on a lower specific rank because of stronger players. And now Riot Games just announced they're testing a smurf detection system, so let's see what all the fuss is about!

Riot Games Test Valorant Smurf Detection System on NA

If you didn't know, smurfing is when higher-ranked players create new accounts to match up with lower-skilled players. With the new Patch 5.01, Riot Games is set to start testing a new smurf detecting system in NA. The system will first be tested in NA, and once approved will get released across all regions.

The smurf detection system will work in such a way that it'll detect the skill level of newly created accounts and rank them up faster to adjust the skill gap. The testing was set to start on July 11th. So if you're in North America, you may already experience the change in the skill of players if you're in a lower rank!

Valorant's state of gameplay isn't all that great. Riot Games have been trying to fix it, and it all started with them monitoring voice chat. And it seems their next step is to stop smurfing. This issue mostly affects players below Platinum where the better half of Valorant's players are set. So chances are, you'll start seeing positive changes in your gameplay. If you want to find, match up with players on your skill level, and avoid smurfing, you should definitely pay a visit to our Discord server!