Valorant Rank Distribution (Episode 4 Act 2)

Curious to find out what percentage your rank is of 12 million active player base? We have everything you need to know about the current rank distribution in Valorant.
Target Rank distribution
How different is the targeted rank distribution from the current one? | © Riot Games

After the big reset that happened at the beginning of Episode 4 and the ever-growing Valorant player base, you might be a little shocked at how much the distribution of ranks in the game has changed. Does your rank still mean you're as good as you think you are? See for yourself!

Episode 4 Ranked Changes

Episode 4 hit the game with a massive ranked reset that players met with an enormous wave of criticism. However, Riot claims that this is to give players a chance to "re-prove themselves" and that we should expect similar treatments in the future. Besides this change, In addition to this change, from now on you must reach their account level up to 20 to access Ranked Play. This is a bit annoying as reaching a level still requires some playing, but there are some upsides! Firstly, there may be fewer smurfs and cheaters in the game now (although still, such people will probably buy Valorant accounts with level 20 on the grey market). And secondly, you get a better chance to learn the game before you enter Ranked, which is generally a good thing.

Valorant Episode 4 Rank Distribution

Episode 4 Act 2 Rank Distribution
Episode 4 Act 2 Rank Distribution
After the first act of Episode 4, the rank distribution in Valorant is a little closer to what Riot intended, although it's still not perfect. Still, a hard reset and implementing additional Immortal ranks after the end of Episode 3 certainly helped Riot get closer to achieving their goals. We're starting Episode 4 Act 2 with the following rank distribution:

Iron 1 (Top 100%)2.3%Platinum 1 (Top 11%)2.8%
Iron 2 (Top 97.1%)3.1%Platinum 2 (Top 8.2%)2%
Iron 3 (Top 94.6%)7.8%

Platinum 3 (Top 6.2%)


Bronze 1 (Top 86.8%)


Diamond 1 (Top 4.7%)

Bronze 2 (Top 78.1%)


Diamond 2 (Top 3.1%)

Bronze 3 (Top 65.9%)


Diamond 3 (Top 1.9%)


Silver 1 (Top 55.1%)

13%Immortal 1 (Top 0.7%)0.4%
Silver 2 (Top 42.1%)


Immortal 2 (Top 0.3%)0.2%
Silver 3 (Top 32.8%)7.6%

Immortal 3 (Top 0.1%)


Gold 1 (Top 25.2%)


Radiant (Top 0.02% / Top 500)~0.02%
Gold 2 (Top 19.2%)4.6%
Gold 3 (Top 14.6%)3.6%

Please note that a Radiant rank generally means the Top 500 of a region, so it will not always be precisely the top 0.02% of all players. Still, the rank distribution is more or less similar regardless of the region.