Valorant: SicK will Remain in Sentinels as Sixth Person for VCT 2023

Sentinels has been forming a super team for VCT 2023. And now they've announced SicK as the sixth person in Sentinels for VCT 2023!

Valorant SicK Sentinels Sixth Person
Valorant: SicK will continue on his legacy with Sentinels! | © Twitter @Sentinels

Sentinels have been doing some massive roster changes, but it was good to see that TenZ wasn't leaving for the time being. Another player that will stay in Sentinels as the roster's sixth person is SicK! So here we'll see everything you need to know about SicK's presence in Sentinels going forwards into VCT 2023.

Valorant: Sentinels Announce SicK will Stay as Sixth Person

SicK is one of the original players to join Sentinels all the way back in 2020. Afterward, at the end of Sentinels' 2022 season before LCQ, SicK took a break from playing professionally for personal reasons, but he still remained inactive in Sentinels. Sentinels then signed Shroud and Zellsis.

Even though Sentinels lost their spot for VCT Champions 2022 at the NA LCQ, they were still determined to create a powerful roster, continuing the franchising move from Riot Games into VCT 2023. So they recruited some powerful players, but a sixth one was needed.

That's when Sentinels announced that SicK will be joining the roster team to fill in as the sixth player!

And this is no surprise either when you consider the flexibility that SicK has presented at pro play. His ability to switch playing any agent class role, from Initiators to Controllers, in consideration to fill in what a team need is phenomenal. So having a benched sixth person like SicK in the upcoming VCT 2023 may just be one of the best choices Sentinels have done.

And that's it for everything you need to know about SicK joining Sentinels as the sixth player! What do you think about this roster move, should Sentinels have released SicK, or is it a great move? Make sure you visit our Discord server and let us know!