VCT Champions 2022 Ends in Victory for LOUD

The Valorant Champions Tour 2022 has come to its end in victory for LOUD against OpTic embedding their name in Valorant esports history!

Valorant VCT Champions LOUD Winners Banner 2
LOUD emerges victorious in VCT Champions 2022! | © Riot Games

The rivalry between OpTic and LOUD - NA and BR has been tense ever since their match in VCT Masters Reykjavik where OpTic won. But now that's not the case as LOUD emerges victorious winning VCT Champions 2022! The format of the match was 5 maps total played, but LOUD won against OpTic with a 3-1 map score.

The first map OpTic and LOUD played on against each other was Ascent. This game was tense as the players utilized unconventional gameplay styles like surprise flanks from yay and Odin wall bang plays from Sacy. The first half between OpTic and LOUD ended 7-5 for OpTic. Afterward, the game got into overtime which resulted in a win for LOUD at 15-13.

Valorant VCT First Map LOUD Win
LOUD go for the win of the first map Ascent in VCT Champions 2022! | © Riot Games

The second map where OpTic and LOUD progressed was Bind. OpTic absolutely crushed LOUD on Bind with the first half ending in a 10-2 lead for OpTic. Nevertheless, LOUD tried to close the gap with their Vandals and Phantoms but the second map Bind ultimately ended in a 13-6 win for OpTic.

Valorant VCT Second Map Op Tic Win
OpTic take out LOUD in the second map Bind! | © Riot Games

Next up comes the third map Breeze. Fun fact: LOUD have only lost on Breeze from OpTic! But that wasn't the case now with the first half of this game being a 6-6 tie. Thereafter, the atmosphere got more nervous as the match went into overtime, and following the example from the first map - LOUD won the third map Breeze against OpTic at 16-14.

Valorant VCT Third Map LOUD Win
LOUD take the lead in Map 3! | © Riot Games

The fourth and final map of the OpTic vs LOUD match was Haven. The first half ended in a 7-5 win for LOUD, with the second half ending in a 13-7 win for LOUD yet again.

With this, LOUD took the win against OpTic on Haven and ultimately won VCT Champions in a final score of 3-1 maps! With this, the NA vs BR - OpTic vs LOUD rivalry ends and LOUD raises the trophy as the victors!

Valorant VCT Champions LOUD Winners
LOUD raises the VCT Champions trophy proudly! | © Riot Games

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