Why Giving Valorant A Voice Chat Was A Horrible Idea

Valorant voice chat isn't anything new to people who are used to playing games with voice chat... but then again, the toxicity in this game is out of this world.

Valorant Voice Chat
The agents aren't the only angry people in the game. | © Riot Games

It's 2022. I bet most of you have played a game such as Valorant, CS:GO, Warzone or Fortnite before. If so, then you know just how bad the voice chat situation can get. Me, however, I come from a realm of single-player games. Dragon Age, Mass Effect, you name it, I played it. From there, I went onto League of Legends and trust me when I say: I know how toxic that can get.

However, there's a major difference between words that are being written and words that are being said. With League of Legends being so toxic, Riot should have known how bad their player base can get. So what the hell were they thinking when they included voice chat in Valorant?!

Why Riot Should Delete Valorant Voice Chat

Last night, I was playing a couple rounds of Valorant with my boyfriend. We were having a great time, actually even met a couple of nice people who were respectful over voice chat... but then it all got ruined in an instant.

It was the last round and within a second of the game starting, this guy turns on his voice chat and starts calling everyone the n-word. At first, I thought that somebody would tell him to f-off, but you know what happened instead? Three other virgin men decided to jump in and began saying offensive things about the LGBTQ+ community and POC, before they then started flaming me and my boyfriend.

These three men did not know each other. But for some reason they were also flaming each other.

With the game progressing, my boyfriend easily carried the game, and they stopped calling him slurs (since he was the one that was winning them games). But see, I told you that I come from single-player games, and I'm still getting used to shooters. I was, naturally, not that good, and they started flaming me for it.

Sure, now you might be tempted to say: why didn't you just turn off voice chat? And you're right, I should have done that. But then again, if voice chat didn't even exist, me and many others wouldn't have to deal with these toxic idiots who still live in their mom's basement.

Flame me all you want for being bad, but calling people slurs is just unacceptable. And the worst part about all this? No matter how much you report them, Riot will probably not do anything besides a slap on the wrist.

So I say, just get rid of voice chat altogether if you don't want to deal with all the reports, Riot. I think it would make Valorant a lot better.