TenZ Is Staying With Sentinels For VCT 2023

Yup, that means no 100Tenz. However, that also means that Sentinels will remain the most popular and iconic competitive team in Valorant!

Tenz staying with sentinels
Is NA ready? | © Riot Games

If you were afraid that due to all these VCT changes, TenZ might be transferred to another team, then you can breathe a sigh of relief! Tyson "TenZ" Ngo has officially re-signed with Sentinels. And because Sentinels are one of the franchised teams, this means that he will represent the organization for the entire VCT 2023 season.

Yes, "face of Valorant" might seem like an exaggeration, but isn't that kind of true? After he joined Sentinels back in March 2021, the competitive and Twitch scenes of Valorant were never the same; like, they won their first major tournament without losing a single map. Sentinels have created some great history with TenZ, and we are excited to see this continue.

Who Else Will Play In Sentinels?

Although players like ShahZaM are likely to stay with the organization, we are 90% sure that the competitive roster will look way different than before. Honestly, it is even possible that TenZ will be the only player to stay on the main roster.

As of now, this is how the current Sentinels Valorant roster for VCT 2023 looks like:

Real NameNicknameRole
Tyson NgoTenZ


Zachary PatronezekkenPlayer
Don MuirSyykoNT

Head Coach

Adam KaplankaplanCoach

Actually, it might be possible that Shroud will also be playing for Sentinels, as he recently confirmed that he is planning to compete in official eSports games.

What are your predictions for the new Sentinels Valorant roster? Let's speculate on that together at our Discord server!

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