These Huge Orgs Are Not Allowed To Participate In The VCT 2023

Finally, the VCT 2023 participants are getting announced, but we already know of some huge orgs that won't get a place in the VCT next year. But why did Riot shut them dowm?

G2 and Op Tic
G2 and OpTic Gaming were denied entry to VCT 2023 by Riot. | © G Esports/Envy Gaming/Riot Games

Two of the biggest esport orgs not participating in the VCT 2023? Yep, you've read that right... OpTic Gaming and G2 Esports, two very successful Valorant teams, won't participate in next year's VCT. Why? What happened? Let's check it out.

Optic Gaming and G2 Esports Denied For VCT 2023 Partnership

One of the biggest shockers is that despite their amazing performance and having reached second place at the Valorant Champions this year, OpTic Gaming still didn't get a spot in the VCT 2023. OpTic Gaming's performance was so good thanks to pro player "yay" in particular, who's Twitter response seemed quite disappointed.

Although it is very sad, not to see "yay" and his team playing for OpTic, we might get a chance to see him play in another org next year...

The next year's VCT is incredibly limited, because there are only 10 spots in each of the three leagues, which makes for a total of 30 Teams, that Riot has to decide on. I am sure we can all imagine how hard this decision must have been. G2 Esports even applied to the American and the EMEA League. Apparently G2 got accepted at first but then, after a scandal regarding G2 CEO Carlos Rodríguez who posted a video of him partying with Andrew Tate, Riot Games suddenly chose not to offer G2 Esports a spot for the coming season.

We feel sorry for the team and this missed opportunity, but think that Riot has made the right decision to take this position against discrimination and sexism.

That Riot would decline such big organizations for the VCT is shocking, but also arouses curiosity for the upcoming tournament and its form. How different will the VCT in 2023 be from what we're used to?

If you are interested in the teams that got picked for the VCT 2023 partnership, here is a full list of all teams participating at the VCT EMEA: