VCT EMEA 2023: Who Are the Partnership Teams of 2023?

The VCT EMEA 2023 will hold 10 of the world's best Valorant teams. Let's find out who will be participating at the VCT EMEA 2023 in Berlin!

Which teams will participate at the VCT 2023? | © Riot Games/Earlygame

All 30 VCT 2023 partnership teams are now officially revealed. Here are the 10 teams that will join the EMEA VCT in 2023. Are you hyped for some more VALORANT esports after the epic finish of Champions 2022?

VCT EMEA 2023: All Accepted Participants

The VCT 2023 will look a bit different from this year. There will be a total of three partnership leagues, each held in Los Angeles, Berlin and Seoul respectively. Each one of them will have 10 participating teams, which have been revealed this week.

The teams chosen had to go through a vetting process by Riot Games, similar to when Riot decided upon franchising in the LEC and LCS. Here are the 10 participants for the VCT EMEA 2023, chosen by Riot.

  • KOI
  • Karmine Corp
  • Fnatic
  • Vitality
  • NAVI
  • Team Liquid
  • Team Heretics
  • BBL Esports
  • Giants Gaming
  • FUT Esports

KOI and Karmine Corp are some of the most popular teams, so it would be a shame to see these orgs not represented next year. Vitality and Fnatic are staples in esports at this point, so their inclusion also makes a lot of sense. It would be quite interesting to see if Team Liquid will be able to take revenge, after losing against Fnatic at the VCT Champions this year.

Now that there is only one spot left for the EMEA VCT in 2023, we are wondering who might fulfill the list, since some of the biggest orgs like G2 and even OpTic Gaming are probably not getting a VCT 23 partnership with Riot. Although G2 is a giant in esports Riot decided not to include them in the VCT 23. Could this be due to a recent scandal where the CEO posted a video of himself partying with Andrew Tate?

You'll be able to watch the 10 chosen teams compete against one another at VCT EMEA 2023 in Berlin.

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