Marvel Announces Iron Man Game

Marvel Games is working together with Motive Studio on an all-new single player Iron Man game. Will Robert Downey Jr. be in the game though? That's the real question.

Iron Man Game
Finally he's getting his own game. | © Riot Games

Marvel Games and Motive Studio just dropped a bombshell of an announcement. Iron Man is getting his own single-player game and while it might still be in early development, we can't help but get hyped for this masterpiece.

Motive Gaming is known for some insanely high quality games like Star Wars Battlefront II, as well as the upcoming Dead Space which also looks incredible. Just imagine what they can do with Iron Man!

Upcoming Iron Man Action-Adventure Game

As just mentioned this game is still in very early development. This means we won't have too much to go on just yet, but we do know from the press release on the Marvel Games website, that this is going to be an action-adventure game.

This game will feature original narrative and it's going to go deep into the history of Iron Man. Hopefully they get Robert Downey Jr. on board to voice act in this because that would just be the cherry on top of it all.

Right now the game is just in its pre-production phase, but we hope to get more updates soon. At least Marvel Games is promising us that. Otherwise, we might just get another huge leak like the one Rockstar just had to experience regarding GTA 6....

Motive Studio has also been part of other Marvel endeavours before. Olivier Proulx, who is leading the Motive Studio team on the currently still unnamed Iron Man game has previous work experience on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. So, the game is in good hands it seems with passionate players working on each end of the series.

Potential Release Date for Iron Man Game

Since the game is just going into pre-production you will have a long wait ahead of you for this game. We can only imagine this game coming out in 2024 or maybe even later depending on how quickly the development of the game will go.

So, sadly, you're going to have to stay patient, because right now we don't know much other than the game is being worked on and that we will get a Marvel Iron Man adventure game in the coming years.