Dead Space Remake: The Biggest Changes From The Original

After Star Wars Squadrons and Battlefront 2, developer EA Motive is helming the remake for Dead Space. The developer has implemented noticeable changes compared to the original game, with major improvements being made to the graphics and gameplay.

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Dead Space Remake: here are the biggest changes from the original masterpiece.| © EA Motive

Isaac Clarke is returning to the USD Ishimura in 2023 to defeat the Necromorphs in EA Motive’s Dead Space Remake. Unlike remasters we’ve seen before, this survival-horror classic plans on being a proper remake and a complete rebuilding of the original game.

The game is set to be very close to the original masterpiece. But even more so than the recent Last of Us remake, this new version of Dead Space is set to change things up.

Dead Space Remake: How It Changed In Comparison To The Original

Will the Dead Space Remake be as great as the original? We will find out soon, as the game launches on January 27 for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. If you pre-order Dead Space ahead of release, you get some nice bonus in addition to the game.

Dead Space is one of many amazing games we're excited for in 2023:

New graphics, updated mechanics, and gameplay features will be added to the Dead Space Remake. The game has obviously been updated graphically to match modern standards, but what are some of the other biggest changes from the original game? In this article, we have summarized the most important differences and improvements in the Dead Space Remake.

Silent No More – How The Story Changed

The USG Ishimura has requested the CEC Corporations' assistance after sending a distress signal. The USD Killion is dispatched to save crew members on the Ishimura. They then learn about grotesque humanoids named Necromorphs. These creatures have an unknown extraterrestrial infection that can destroy humanity, as this virus continues to spread until every host has been contaminated.

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The USG Ishimura has taken unexpected damage from the Necromorphs in the Dead Space Remake | © EA Motive

Sounds familiar, right? Everyone should expect this storyline to remain in place for the Dead Space Remake. At least to a major degree. EA Motive looks to be set for a faithful recreation of the original. However, we know now that a secret ending has been added to the game. If any other story elements are changed is unclear.

The new interpretation of the events of the first game definitely seems to aim for a slightly different approach. One of the biggest changes concerns the game's protagonist, Isaac Clarke. Where he was a silent protagonist in the original, Isaac will now be fully voiced, while also getting a questionable re-design.

Dead Space Isaac redesign
When did this become hotter than that? | © EA

Pretty much every other major character in the game has been redesigned as well. Challus Mercer, Nicole Brennan and others have been changed to closer reflect their actors, whether they're returning ones or new cast members.

If and how the story will be changed is unclear ahead of release. The tram system has been changed, as there will be no more loading times in the remake. We assume that this will change how some sequences play out. What we do know for sure, however, is that a new alternate ending has been added to the game. We're really excited to see what that could be.

Play It Like It's 2008? – The Gameplay Has Been Modernized

Gameplay mechanics used throughout the original version of Dead Space are also being rethought and changed. The developers have even added some new systems to freshen up the survival horror experience and offer something new, even for those who are intimately familiar with the original.

Dead Space Remake Action Gameplay
The action in the remake of Dead Space promises to be even more intense and gruesome. | © EA

Dead Space is famous for its dismemberment system, which allowed players to cut off individual limbs of the disgusting necromorphs. This iconic and amazing part of the gameplay will obviously stay in place, but is now expanded with the new peeling system.

This new system basically introduces more layers to the dismemberment. Whereas before you could basically shoot at limbs with whatever you got and be fine, you will now have to be more strategic with it. Peeling off layers with a weapon like the Pulse Rifle will allow you to more easily cut it off with the Plasma Cutter, or even take off a limb with the kinesis module and throw it back at the necromorph.

All of this sounds pretty exciting and like it could spice up the familiar combat. You can see some of the action in this extended gameplay trailer.

Zero-G gameplay has also been expanded, which is good because it kinda sucked in the original. Now you will be able to fly around more freely, as it looks like the thrusters from Dead Space 2 make their return here. Some weapons have also been changed, to offer new alternate fire modes like a grenade/mine launcher for the Pulse Rifle.

Dead Space Remake Zero G Gameplay
Flying around in space, what's not to love? | © EA

One of the most exciting new elements in the remake is the introduction of the so-called 'Intensity Director'. This system kinda sounds like the AI director from Left 4 Dead, meaning that the game monitors your progress and how you're doing to throw new dangers and scares at you via unscripted events.

The promise here sounds cool, as this could constantly shake up the action and continuously surprise you. Let's hope the director is as cool and exciting as it sounds.

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