Dead Space Remake Trophy List Released, New Ending Revealed

The Dead Space remake trophy list has been revealed. The achievements are largely spoiler-free, but do hint towards a new story event in the remake of the classic game.

Dead Space Trophy List
Dead Space trophy list revealed, and it suggests a new ending. | © EA

The Dead Space remake is coming out on January 27 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series. Ahead of the release, the trophy list for the game has been revealed. While the achievements are mostly spoiler-free (with the exceptation of some named boss encounters) and the same as in the original, one of them hints towards an exciting new addition to the game.

Dead Space Remake Trophy & Achievement List

There are overall 48 trophies/achievements in the Dead Space Remake. A lot of them are story related, but you also have a ton of trophies asking you to get a certain amount of kills with each weapon, upgrade weapons and so on.

Dead Space is among the most exciting games of 2023, but there are a lot more which you can see here:

So far we only have the PS5 trophy list, so we can't tell you how much gamerscore each achievement yields on Xbox. Here's the full list of all Dead Space trophies:

Trophy NameTrophy DescriptionTrophy Type
Welcome AboardComplete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Lab RatComplete Chapter 2 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
All Systems GoComplete Chapter 3 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Cannon FodderComplete Chapter 4 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
True BelieverComplete Chapter 5 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Greenhouse EffectComplete Chapter 6 on any difficulty setting.Bronze


Complete Chapter 7 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Strange TransmissionsComplete Chapter 8 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
WreckageComplete Chapter 9 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Keeper of the FaithComplete Chapter 10 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
BetrayedComplete Chapter 11 on any difficulty setting.Bronze
Full ArsenalOwn every weapon in the game.Bronze
AutofireKill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle.Bronze
Live with the Hot OnesKill 30 enemies with the Flamethrower.Bronze
A Cut AboveKill 30 enemies with the Ripper.Bronze
PusherKill 30 enemies with the Force Gun.Bronze
EvisceratorKill 30 enemies with the Line Gun.Bronze
Full ContactKill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam.Bronze
Pack RatPlace 25 items in Storage.Bronze
Story TellerCollect 75 Logs.Bronze
Legend TellerCollect 150 Logs.Bronze
MerchantCollect all Schematics.Bronze
MarksmanDismember 50 Limbs.Bronze
SurgeonDismember 500 Limbs.Bronze
WishboneRip off a dangling limb using Kinesis.Bronze

Raise The Stakes

Pin an enemy.Bronze
FreezeUse Stasis on 50 enemies.Bronze
BackbreakerKill 10 enemies with a stomp attack.Bronze

Front Toward Enemy

Survive the Shooting Gallery.Bronze
There’s Always Peng!Find the Peng Treasure.Bronze
Brute ForceKill a Brute.Bronze
ExterminatorKill the Leviathan.Bronze
Get Off My Ship!Kill the Leviathan Remnant.Bronze
Mindless PreyKill the Hive Mind.Bronze
MarkedPick up a Marker fragment for the first time.Bronze

Trophy NameTrophy DescriptionTrophy Type
ExodusComplete Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting.Silver
One GunBeat the game using only the Plasma Cutter.Silver
Full ClearanceCreate the Master Security Override.Silver
Z-BallerComplete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball.Silver
Final RegenerationDiscover the Hunter’s origins.Silver

Whole Again

Pursue Nicole’s investigation.Silver
Set A BenchmarkComplete the game on Medium difficulty or above.Silver
Trusted ContractorComplete New Game Plus on any difficulty mode.Silver
Built To OrderInstall every weapon upgrade.Silver
ReunionSee the alternative ending on any difficulty mode.Silver
Maxed OutFully upgrade all weapons and equipment.Gold
UntouchableComplete the game in Impossible Mode.Gold
Concordance OfficerCollect all Trophies.Platinum

As you can see, you will need to play through the game twice to get the platinum trophy, as you need to finish it on New Game Plus and you need to unlock the alternate ending. Before you ask: no, the original didn't have an alternate ending. This seems to be something brand-new for the remake.

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