Insider Claims: New PS5 Is Already On The Way

According to insider sources, a new PS5 model will be announced and produced in the coming months.

PS5 Slim
Is a new Ps5 coming soon? | © Sony

The PlayStation 5 has been on the market since November 2020, and slowly we're starting to hear more and more about a possible new version of Sony's console. Whether it's a PS5 Slim, or a proper new console like a PS6, there have been a lot of rumors recently about Sony prepping a new console.

And that might be for a good reason. According to the latest rumor, a new PS5 could be announced very soon, with production also being set to start in the coming months.

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New PS5 Model Could Be Announced Soon

Multiple sources have reported on this rumor. According to these reports, a new PS5 model will be announced in April. Mass production of this model is also set to start that month. @Zuby_Tech claimed this on Twitter, citing their own, anonymous sources.

What this new PS5 could be is 'unknown' according to @Zuby_Tech. Many expect a PS5 Slim after a round of leaks talked about this possible reiteration of the PS5. According to French website Phonandroid, this new model would rather be a PS5 Pro and offer a performance boost thanks to a new chip, as well as better cooling features.

Even without a new PS5 you will be able to play these amazing new games:

This report is also based on anonymous sources and these are not the most well-known reporters, so take this with a big grain of salt. Until we hear anything official, we can only speculate. You know the deal.

It seems very likely though that we will hear something about a new PlayStation soon, but it's more realistic to expect an iteration of the current PS5, like a slim version. Let's hope the rumors are true and that we won't have to wait too long to see this thing.

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