Dead Space Remake: First Gameplay Leaked

The Dead Space remake will be released soon. So it isn't surprising that more and more leaks are coming out shortly before the release. Gameplay videos have now been released that show us a few hours from the story.

Dead Space Remake Release Date Revealed
Dead Space Remake: leaked footage shows first gameplay. | ©EA

The Dead Space Remake will be released on January 27, 2023. A few days before, there is already something to see for all fans. Several hours of gameplay have leaked that already show clips from the dark world, which hypes us up for the release.

Dead Space Remake: Multiple Hours Of Gameplay Leaked

It's not unusual for several leaks to come out shortly before a game's release. This is also the case with Dead Space. Now, several videos surfaced, in which we can see the dark world of the Ishimura and our hero Isaac Clarke. Some of these videos have already been deleted, while others are still online.

Dead Space is one of many amazing games we're excited for in 2023:

Allegedly, we see the gameplay on the PS5. However, it is only available in 720p and runs at 60fps, which causes confusion in the comments. So, we can't say too much about the graphics for obvious reasons, even though we're sure it will look good on the next-gen consoles.

Besides the menu and the first mission, you can also see the loot system and the first weapon, the Plasma Cutter. The game could really be one of the best remakes, but of course it remains to be seen until the game is available for all of us.

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