Crazy Marvel Content Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Some really fantastic new Marvel content is coming directly to Xbox Game Pass, and really soon too!
Marvel game pass
Wait, what Marvel content is coming to Game Pass? | © Marvel Entertainment / Microsoft

We all know the MCU. Of course we do, it has literally taken over the world over this last decade-and-a-half. What we haven't seen a ridiculous amount of, though, is video-game related content. Now, whilst this announcement isn't a video game per-se, it is certainly exciting for any Xbox Game Pass holders who are also Marvel fans...

So, what's going on? Well, Marvel is coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, three months of free membership unlocked through a simple Game Pass subscription. It's pretty darn exciting, so you should keep reading to find out exactly what's going on. It's honestly worth it...

First, though, let's set the stage for Marvel at the moment. A ton of Marvel content is coming in 2022, and a classic MCU movie is even making its way to a streaming platform you wouldn't quite expect. Marvel has actually just removed all of its Netflix Shows and has plopped them over on Disney Plus, and PlayStation is confirmed to be working on more games. Let's get on with the news, though...

Marvel Unlimited is Coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Marvel Entertainment has announced that you will be able to unlock 3 months of Marvel Unlimited for free with any Xbox Game Pass Ultimate memberships. That means access to more than 29,000 digital comics all at no extra cost above your Xbox Game Pass subscription. Considering that Xbox Game Pass is already an unbelievably great platform, this is a shockingly good deal for Marvel fans.

In a trailer dropped earlier this week, Marvel Entertainment announced the collaboration. This has actually surprised a lot of us, considering that PlayStation and Marvel already have an ongoing deal for Marvel-licenced video games like last year's Guardians of the Galaxy (that was actually pretty great) and the Avengers video game.

This is a remarkable collection, with comics that have been digitized for your ease of reading, and are more than ready to lighten up your world with their fantastic stories and classic, iconic characters. Sure, it's only a three month membership, but it's a great opportunity for people like me to launch our way into the comics.

Here's the trailer, by the way, so that you don't think we are just talking out of our ass!

There's not really much more to say, to be honest. With Marvel continuing its trend of being one of the biggest things in the universe, it's only to be expected that the comics are going to get more and more and more easily accessible. Sure, nothing's ever going to replace that beautiful tactile feel of a comic book in your hands, but this is a darn good alternative. Get hyped, you beautiful humans!