LoL Worlds 2022: Multiple Star Players Test Positive for COVID-19

The second half of the League of Legends World Championship group stage is just about to start and multiple players have tested positive for COVID according to Riot. How will teams play around such issues?

Chovy Worlds 2022
Chovy on day 4 of the League of Legends World Championship group stage. | © Riot Games

Players, coaches and team members of every single squad at the League of Legends World Championship have to undergo continuous COVID-19 testing. Just the other day G2 Esports manager Romain Bigeard posted a video of all players waiting in line to get their regular PCR test done.

Now, it has turned out that multiple players have tested positive for the virus and will therefore have to play with unfavourable circumstances until further notice. Which players have tested positive, and what is Riot doing to accommodate teams with positive players?

LoL Worlds 2022: COVID-19 Positive Players to Play From Isolation

Riot released a statement in which they outlined their procedure for any players that do test positive. Teams that have positive players that are still healthy enough to play will be able to use isolation rooms for these players so they can take part in the games without worrying about passing on the virus.

Due to this isolation room LAN setting some game times could be changed around according to the official Riot Games announcement as well. The first set of matches in the second part of the group stage are set to kick off on October 13, 2022 so some games might be switched around due to these unfortunate COVID cases.

[Update 14.10.2022]

RNG to Play from Isolation Due to COVID Outbreak

RNG has released a statement regarding their team situation. A multitude of players, as well as coaching staff have tested positive for COVID-19 and are currently in isolation, but feeling well. It seems that the team will mostly be playing from their isolation room in their upcoming final day of Worlds groups.

These RNG players have contracted COVID-19:

  • Chen "Breathe" Chen
  • Yangwei "Wei" Yan
  • Yuanhao "Xiaohu" Li
  • Sen-Ming "Ming" Shi

This leaves RNGs bot laner Chen "GALA" Wei as the only player without COVID-19. Will we be seeing him alone on stage on October 16, 2022 when Group D plays their final group matches?

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Gen.G Chovy, EDG Scout and DK Canyon All Test Positive

Some of the biggest names at the League of Legends World Championship tested positive just ahead of the start of the second half of the group stage. Edward Gaming announced ahead of their day of groups that their star mid laner Scout has tested positive for COVID-19.

Scout is feeling well, and has been isolated as required. He will participate in training normally in the isolated room and will be playing on the LAN network built in the isolated room for scheduled matches, while the rest of the players will compete from the venue.

Scout isn't the only high-profile player to have tested positive. Gen.G have also announced that their mid laner Chovy will be playing from isolation in their upcoming games due to testing positive. Their coaching staff have also been hit with the virus with both Score and Museong testing positive as well.

DAMWON KIA's star jungler Canyon has also been revealed to have tested positive. He is also currently feeling well enough for him to participate in the games and compete from isolation.

If any players test negative ahead of their games they will be allowed to participate on-stage, but with the second half of the group phase not even a day away, it seems highly unlikely for now. If the teams make it to the next round the players could join their teammates on stage once more though.