Overwatch 2: New Hero Ramattra Revealed – All Abilities, Gameplay, Release Date

Ramattra is the newest hero to join the Overwatch 2 roster in season 2. Here is everything we know about his abilities, gameplay, release date, and how to unlock him.

Overwatch 2 Ramattra
New Overwatch 2 Hero Ramattra revealed – here's everything you need to know. | © Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2's new hero is Ramattra. At the Overwatch League Grand Finals, Blizzard revealed his backstory. His history as an Omnic war machine makes him a fascinating and complex character with interesting underlying motives. The developers explained his gameplay and abilities in a recent interview. Here's everything we know about the newest Overwatch hero, Ramattra.

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Overwatch 2: Ramattra Will Be The Next Hero

After weeks of speculation, who could the new Overwatch 2 hero might be. Blizzard has finally broken the silence and at the Overwatch League Grand Finals officially revealed Ramattra as their new tank hero. Especially in the massive auditorium of the Anaheim Convention Center – home of the BlizzCon – in front of a huge crowd, the reveal of his origin story was really epic and Blizzard did a wonderful job on that.

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Ramattra has a fascinating background story. As a former Omnic war machine, he was originally built to lead the Omnic army into war. But he actually only wishes to create a better future for his kind. He is a fighter for peace, but he does not think that violence is the right way.

Therefore, he practiced peace and tranquility at the Shambali Monastery side and became something like a brother to Zenyatta, whom he introduced to the Shambali Monastery. Although the developers have revealed, that he and Zenyatta were very close, they didn't want to share yet if Ramattra has a connection to the iris.

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His goal was to live in harmony with humans, but they did not accept the Omnics and even killed them en masse. When Ramattra realized that coexistence with humanity was impossible, his attitude towards violence changed, so he founded the "Null Sector", an extremist Omnic military organization, and declared a war on humanity.

Ramattra's Abilities in Overwatch 2

In a recent interview with GamerBraves, Overwatch 2 devs Alec Dawson, Dion Rogers, and Gavin Jurgens Fyhrie talked about Ramattra's gameplay, abilities and the process of creating this character. There is something really special about Ramattra's abilities, because he is the very first hero to have two different forms.

His Omnic form lets him protect his teammates and has a staff as his weapon while his nemesis form transforms him into a larger and more menacing hero where he marches down on the enemy team. ~ Alec Dawson

Through a leak at the Overwatch 2 media conference in South Korea on November 14, Ramattra's whole ability set came to light. The well known Leaker @OverwatchNaeri has shared a translation of all abilities on Twitter. Since the names of Ramattra's attacks were leaked in Korean, Naeri clarified, that the names might differ from the English version.

Full Leaked Ability Set

Void Accelerator (Omnic Form) – Default

  • Left Click: Fires a projectile that advances in a certain shape
  • Right Click: Create a barrier at the target location

Vortex of Gluttony – E

  • Launch nano spheres
  • It explodes on contact with the ground, creating a damaging force field
  • Enemies within the force field's influence are pulled to the ground
  • The movement speed of enemies under the influence of the force field in slowed

Chastisement (Nemesis Form) – Shift

  • Transforms into nemesis for about 8 seconds and uses the following skills
  • Left Click: Attacks with fist forward, generating a show wave each time the fist is raised
  • Right Click: Reduces movement speed, but greatly reduces damage from the front
  • When in nemesis form, gain 150 additional defense. (Increases total health from 450 to 600)

Destruction (Ultimate) – Q

  • Automatically switches to nemesis form, creating an energy zone around it
  • Enemies within the energy zone take continuous damage
  • The duration is maintained as long as you deal damage to enemies within the energy zone.

Ramattra will be the first hero to actively switch between two forms, the tank form and the nemesis form, which turns him into a big, hulking menace. A leak by well-respected Twitter user @OverwatchNaeri shows some gameplay screenshots of Ramattra's abilities.

Overwatch 2 Ramattra Ability
Everything we know about Ramattra | © Blizzard Entertainment

What The Gameplay With Ramattra Will Be Like

Although we can't speculate much about his gameplay at this point because we don't know much about his abilities yet, the developers of Overwatch 2 have revealed some small details about his in-game behavior. In an interview, Alec Dawson revealed that he will be a good pick in combination with Lucio, because his speed buff can be very helpful with Ramattra. On the other hand, smaller enemies like Ana could take his size as an advantage and attack him from the back without getting noticed.

His Omnic and Nemesis forms are also very different from each other, and when he transforms into another version, the player has the opportunity to control the flow of an entire match.

The gameplay is very much based around that moment of pulling back and pushing forward. That sort of moment where he attacks at the front but then goes deeper. ~ Gavin Jurgens Fyhrie

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When Will Ramattra Come To Overwatch 2?

Ramattra will join the Overwatch 2 hero roster with the start of the second season on December 6. Until then, Blizzard announced that they will share more information on the newest Omnic hero soon.

How To Unlock Ramattra

Just like Kiriko, Ramattra will be available to anyone who purchases the Premium Battle Pass for $10. Otherwise, he will most likely only be unlockable for the free Battle Pass at Tier 55 or higher. I'm not even surprised that we will never get heroes for free again, Blizzard is really doing everything they can to pressure us into buying the Battle Pass.

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