Overwatch 2 Season 2: Release Date, Ramattra, New Map And More

Overwatch 2 Season 2 is coming in less than a month. Here's everything we already know about the release date, the new hero, new map, battle pass and more!

Overwatch 2 Mei, Reinhardt, Tracer
Overwatch 2 Season 2: Read everything about the release date, new hero, new map and more here. | © Blizzard Entertainment

The first season of Overwatch 2 is almost coming to an end, and Blizzard has revealed some of the content that will be coming to the game in season 2. Among other things, players can expect new maps, a new tank hero, and a brand-new battle pass with new skins and other collectables. We're super excited about all the new things coming to Overwatch next month! Here's everything we know so far!

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Overwatch 2 Season 2: Release Date, New Hero, Skins And More

The second season of the game is coming soon, and we already know about some of the new content that will be included. Some leaks have also spoiled a possible new map, new skins, and much more. Fans of Overwatch can look forward to the second season starting on December 6 and presumably lasting until February 7 if Blizzard continues to make seasons of six weeks.

New Tank Hero For Season 2

We're thrilled to finally unveil the secret tank that awaits us in Overwatch's second season! At the finals of this year's overwatch league, Blizzard ceremoniously released the origin story of the new overwatch 2 hero Ramattra. He is a former omnic warlord, but then found peace and tranquility in the monastery of Shambali.

When Ramattra realized that coexistence with humanity was impossible, his attitude towards violence changed. He founded the "Null Sector", an extremist military organization of the Omnics, and declared war on humanity.

Ramattra is an incredible hero with amazing abilities in-game. Make sure to check out all the latest details on Overwatch's newest arrival, that will join the game very soon!

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Overwatch 2 Ramattra
Ramattra will come to Overwatch in season 2. | © Blizzard Entertainment

A New Map Is Coming To Overwatch 2!

Since Blizzard has already announced this in one of their blog posts, we can say with certainty that the second season will include a new map. However, there is still no official information from Blizzard about its looks, theme or even the game mode. But don't worry, because there are lots of leaks and easter eggs that point to several different new maps that could be coming to Overwatch 2 in the future.

An easter egg found in the game suggests that a new map for Overwatch may be set in a human-built city located in the Atlantic Ocean. The clue, a timetable inside the Grand Central Station on the Midtown map hints at a place called "Atlantic Arcology", which is located somewhere between Brazil and Italy.

Feel free to check out this article to find out more, about some suspicious hints in Overwatch 2 that point to a possible new map and even a new hero.

After Ramattra got revealed as the newest tank hero for season 2, a very popular Overwatch 2 leaker has shared a video of a new monastery map, that looks very similar but not identical to the current Nepal map in Overwatch 2.

Ramattra hails from a monastery high in the mountains of Nepal. A very popular Overwatch 2 leaker has shared a video of what appears to be a new map set in Ramattra's monastery. It looks quite similar to the current Nepal map, but not identical.

A while back after the launch of Overwatch 2, the same leaker shared several pictures of two maps, one set in India and one in Gothenburg. Apparently these maps are also planned to come to Overwatch 2 at some point. Whether that'll be next month or maybe next year is unsure. However, it must be said that these maps look amazing, no matter what.

We will see which maps make it to Overwatch 2 season 2, as there are many in question. Some may be legit, while others may not be. So stay tuned until Blizzard reveals the new map officially.

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Overwatch 2 Season 2 Reveal Dates Roadmap

There will be a total of five stages in which we will receive more information about the new hero, the new map and Season 2. This will stimulate the curiosity of the players, and they will be regularly confronted with OW2 content through these teasers. Pretty clever! You can probably watch the premiere on YouTube, but to be on the safe side, you should also check the other social media channels regularly.

Overwatch 2 Season 2 Reveal
These are the five stages... | ©Blizzard Entertainment
  • November 26: Ramattra Gameplay Trailer
  • November 27: Ramattra Developer Update
  • November 29: Season 2 Gameplay Trailer & Season 2 Content Roadmap
  • December 2: New Map Reveal

If you ask me, I'm very hyped about these sneak peaks, but now let's check out the new skins.

Brand New Skins And Cosmetics For Season 2

Season 1 of Overwatch came with over 30 new skins and one Mythic skin for Genji. Blizzard already announced that every new season will include a mythic skin for one hero. Presumably, the second season will also contain as many skins as the first. Some of them will be included in the battle pass and some in the store.

We should also keep in mind that the Winter Wonderland event should take place during the second season. Therefore, we can most likely look forward to some skins that will fit the winter theme. Which hero will get the mythic skin is still unclear, but one could assume that it will not be another damage hero, but this time possibly a tank or a supporter.

If you want to get your hands on a free legendary reaper skin, make sure to do so before season 2 of Overwatch begins!

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Hero Reworks And Balancing Update

In a recent Blogpost, Overwatch 2's new executive producer Jared Neuss shared that Blizzard is planning some big hero reworks for Season 2 and already teased, that they will involve the newest damage hero Sojourn. More details about updates for season 2 will be announced soon, but first, they want to see how the latest mid-season update performs.

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