Blizzard Gives Away Legendary Skin And More For FREE As Apology For Launch Issues

Many people experienced major issues with the new Overwatch after its release, now Blizzard is trying to make up for it with gifts!

Overwatch 2 Cursed Captain Reaper Skin
Blizzard is giving out Overwatch 2 Legendary skins for free. | © Blizzard Entertainment

The launch of Overwatch 2 didn't really go as planned. Fans had to experience infinite queue times, server crashes, progress loss, issues with the account merge, glitches and many other things. As compensation, Blizzard now gives away some dope collectibles for free. Here is how to get them.

Overwatch 2 Offers Legendary Skins And More For Free

As compensation for the messed up start, Blizzard has some goodies for us! While they are still working on current issues, they have already announced that all players will get the chance to obtain a Health Pack Weapon Charm, the Cursed Captain Reaper Skin and double match XP on some weekends.

Okay, hold up y'all... This Captain Reaper skin is pretty damn cool. I mean... I hate to say this, but... thank you, Blizzard. If they now remove all the bugs and glitches and maybe also bring back loot boxes, I might even forgive them.

But honestly, not everyone is gonna be hyped about the apology gift, because not everyone fancies Reaper. Not to be ungrateful or anything, but why didn't they just give us some coins to buy a skin for a hero, we actually play?

Well, I guess everyone who doesn't play Reaper has to be happy with the weapon charm and the double XP weekends, for which Blizzard will confirm the exact dates very soon. But let's be honest here, unless you have bought the premium battle pass for 10$, extra match XP doesn't get you a lot in the free battle pass.

How To Claim Legendary Reaper Skin And Weapon Charm For Free

Blizzards apology gifts will be available in Overwatch 2 from the 25th of October until the season ends. To get them, all you have to do is log into the game during that time, and the rewards should automatically unlocks for you.

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