Overwatch 2 Economy Explained - Coins, Legacy Credits, Tokens & More

With the move to free-to-play, knowing what kind of currencies to use can be a bit tricky in Overwatch 2. Fret not, we're here to help!

overwatch 2 economy
Overwatch 2 economy is strange. I ©Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 is here, offering plenty of content for new and returning players, especially if you find yourself picking up the Watchpoint Pack, one that comes with multiple Legendary skins, the Season 1 Battle Pass, and even some currency to spend.

Moving to a free-to-play format, there's some heavy monetization when it comes to cosmetics, involving a lot of currencies. Navigating the menus and the Shop tabs can get a bit confusing. In order to help you spend your money wisely, we're here to teach about everything you need to know about the Overwatch 2 economy system!

How To Buy Skins In Overwatch 2

So, the most important thing you're probably wondering is - what sort of currency do I need to acquire to get some sweet-looking skins? As it turns out, there are a total of three in the game, with an extra one handed to purchase Golden Guns (more on that one later). Let's break them all down.

Overwatch Coins

These are you're run of mill standard currency you see in every other free-to-play game. Want to get the battle pass? You'll have to spend 1000 Coins. The shop is also filled with goodies like special bundles, or individual cosmetics such as Legendary skins, Epic emotes, and more. Note that the only consistent way to get these is by spending real money, as the battle pass doesn't offer any like Fortnite, for example, does with V-Bucks.

Notice that we say consistent, that's because completing a certain number of weekly challenges can get you Overwatch Coins. You'll get 30 for four, 20 for 80, and 10 for 11 for a total of 50 Overwatch Coins. In all honesty, if this is your focus for grinding, it just isn't worth it with current store prices.

Overwatch League Tokens

overwatch league tokens
The Overwatch League store. I ©Blizzard Entertainment

The shop also offers a special Overwatch League tab with more exclusive skins you can only buy with Tokens. These range from OWL team skins for each character and unique cosmetics like Luchador Reaper, Clockwork Zenyatta, and more.

You can buy Tokens with real money or get them for free! You have to connect your YouTube and Battle.net accounts and tune in to the Overwatch League to start earning them!

Legacy Coins

The third and final one is Legacy Coins. If you're new to the game you don't have to worry about these as they are not available for purchase, however, if you're an Overwatch 1 veteran Legacy Coins are simply the ones you transferred from the original game into the sequel.

They are used to purchase certain cosmetics (mostly of Epic rarity at best) straight from the Hero Gallery menu. You can't buy them and they are meant to be phased out once you spend them all.

There's one more thing you should be aware of and that's Competitive Points. You'll start earning them with victories and they are used to buy Golden Gun variants for all characters. Blizzard mentioned other uses but has yet to confirm them, so stay tuned for more on that later!

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