Overwatch 2: What MIT Means And Why It's Important

MIT in Overwatch 2 is one of several stats in the game's scoreboard. Since Overwatch 2 demands a lot more than just mechanical skill to master, MIT helps players to further analyze their gameplay. We'll explain what it means.

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MIT on Overwatch 2: Time to learn some terminology. | © Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 is here! Kind of, considering all the DDoS attacks and multiple server issues plaguing its release day. However, you might be reading this after the fact, meaning you're probably enjoying everything new the free-to-play update has to offer, especially those sweet looking skins in the season 1 battle pass.

As you get familiar with the game, you'll come to realize there's more than meets the eye in terms of gameplay - it has a certain nuance and cadence that you need to experience for yourself to truly understand what's going on and how to react appropriately.

Even if you're an Overwatch 1 veteran, the new stats page has very nifty metrics for you to see how well your team is performing or underperforming. The usual array of FPS staples can be found, such as Eliminations, Deaths, and Assists as well as Healing Done.

While you can read a full breakdown of each match after it ends, due to how frantic the game is, Blizzard decided to abbreviate most of these terms while checking out the stats board during a match. For example, Eliminations is abbreviated as simply 'E', Damage is 'DMG'. There's one, though, that players don't know exactly what it means - 'MIT'.

Overwatch 2: MIT Explained

We'll go straight to the point – MIT stands for Damage Mitigation. It essentially tracks how much damage has a player negated with different abilities. This stat is very important for tanks as they're the ones usually at the forefront of their teams with defensive abilities able to protect them from receiving damage.

For instance, D.Va's Defense Matrix or Sigma's Kinetic Grasp are examples of abilities that can mitigate damage. Of course there are more classic ones like Reinhardt's shield or Winsont's bubble. Even Brigitte's shield will count towards this stats.

So there you have it! A clean, easy answer for your troubles. Now get back on the grind!

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