The Best Easter Eggs In Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 maps are full of secret Easter eggs, here are all the ones we have discovered so far and where you can find them. Some even hint at a new map and maybe even a new hero.

Overwatch 2 Reinhardt, Tracer and Mei
Overwatch 2 Easter Eggs hint to a new map and a new hero. | © Blizzard Entertainment

Easter eggs aren't hard to find in Overwatch 2. Since the update, the game now has thousands of interactive voice lines to discover, and sometimes our beloved Overwatch heroes even refer to movies, songs or Overwatch fan theories. But it's not only voice lines that include hidden Easter eggs, oh no, maps do too. And some of them even tease upcoming content like new maps and even new heroes. We've made it our mission to find them all, so here are some of the best Easter Eggs in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Easter Eggs

Lucio's Mixing Table

You can find Lucio's home in Overwatch 2, and inside there's a music studio with a mixing table and his records hanging on the wall, as well as a kitchen and some other details. To find this location, just visit the Clube Sinestia on the Paraiso map and go all the way to the back, that's where you'll find Lucio's setup.

Overwatch 2 Lucio Easter Egg Mixing Table
Overwatch 2 Easter Egg Lucio's Mixing Table | © Blizzard Entertainment

The Clube Sinestia, adjacent to his flat, probably belongs to Lucio himself. The club is where he performs as an internationally renowned musician. If you walk through the club, you can even hear music in the background, supposedly one of Lucio's mixes.

World of Warcraft Reference

Inside the Grand Central Station on the Midtown map is a timetable, that shows the departure of the Hypertrain, a trans-continental train-line that leads to different maps in Overwatch 2. One of those destinations is Blizz World, which is displayed with the remark "Deeprun Tram", a reference to the eponymous underground line from World of Warcraft, that runs between Stormwind City and Ironforge.

Overwatch 2 Easter Egg WoW
Overwatch 2 WoW Reference | © Blizzard Entertainment

Hint To Upcoming New Map

If you take another look at the Hyperloop timetable, you'll notice something that doesn't really fit. As a remark for the maps Malevento and Rome, Blizzard noted "Atlantic Arcology", ever heard of it? Well, we think that this is the name of a new map that will join Overwatch 2 in season 2.

The Hyperloop is a transatlantic and trans-continental train line that has stations in North America, South America and Europe, which is based on a real-world concept. According to the timetable, it runs from North America down to Rio de Janeiro in South America and then through the Atlantic to Italy in Europe. But the two last stations Malevento and Rome, which both are located in Italy, are remarked with "Atlantic Arcology". So maybe this new location is a human-build city in the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere between Brazil and Italy?

Reference To Canadian Coffee Chain And Maybe New Hero?

On the Toronto map, players will see advertisement banners, that show a man with a big mustache and robotic hands, holding a cup of coffee. The banner says "Tom Beansons" which refers to the popular Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons.

Overwatch 2 Easter Egg
Overwatch 2 Tim Hortons reference | © Blizzard Entertainment

But what really gets me is that the man on the advertisement banner has both a big scar on his chin and a dangerous-looking robotic hand. With that kind of worn-out look, he almost reminds me of a former Overwatch hero. We already know that a new hero will join the Overwatch 2 roster in season 2... Well, maybe that's him?

Hint To Genji And Mercy Relationship

In the Overwatch 2 Cinematic Announcement “Zero Hour”, we can look at some pictures and personal items, that belong to Overwatch heroes in the Drop Ship. One of those is a Pashimary Charm, that belongs to Mercy. Who do you think, she got that from, eh? Well, you can find the Pashimary claw machines on the Hanamura Map, which is also Genji's hometown. This little Easter egg definitely hints at a relationship between Genji and Mercy, which is a very popular fan-theory in the Overwatch community.

Overwatch 2 Gency Easter Egg
Overwatch 2 Easter Egg hints to Genji and Mercy Relationship. | © Blizzard Entertainment

Tracer's Girlfriend

In the same cinematic teaser for Overwatch 2, we also got to take a look at Tracer's girlfriend Emily. There's a picture of her that Tracer keeps in the cockpit of the Drop-Ship.

Overwatch 2 Easter Egg Tracers Girlfriend
Overwatch 2 Easter Egg shows Tracer's girlfriend. | © Blizzard Entertainmentt

Although Emily was already revealed in one of the digital Overwatch comics, seeing that Tracer always keeps an image of her, while she is on the way to a new mission is a cute Easter egg, that we all appreciate.

These tiny details and hints to upcoming content in Overwatch 2 are the things that really keep me going. If you find any more Easter eggs in the newest update, let us know in the comments. Until then, here's more Overwatch 2 content: