Overwatch 2: Fans Are Missing Heroes, Skins And Collectables From Overwatch 1

After the big launch of Overwatch 2, Blizzard received numerous bug reports and complaints from disappointed fans.

Overwatch 2 Missing Skins
Did All Your OW1 Skins Transfer Correctly? | © Blizzard Entertainment/EarlyGame

With the previous release of Overwatch 2, Blizzard has received tons of bug reports, and complains of angry and disappointed Overwatch veterans. Apparently, many had problems with transferring all unlocked skins from Overwatch 1 to the new update. Here is why you should check if anything from your collection is missing in Overwatch 2.

Fans Are Missing Unlocked Heroes, Skins And Other Collectables

Let's just be real here: the release of Overwatch 2 was a disaster. Not only was it pretty much impossible to get on the servers, because you were stuck in a queue with 30k people before you, but there was also a big surprise waiting for Overwatch veterans if they managed to get in – and it certainly wasn't a happy surprise.

New players that are coming to Overwatch for the first time don't have the whole selection of heroes from the start, but fans who have played Overwatch 1 before, should be able to transfer all of their stats and collectables to the new update through their Battle.Net account.

But many fans reported that when they got on the Overwatch 2 servers, they were welcomed by locked heroes and missing cosmetics, that they had received in Overwatch 1. Some accounts even got completely wiped. Apparently there is a bug that is preventing the integration of some accounts, meaning that some Battle.Net accounts aren't recognized as Overwatch 1 veterans.

I think we can all imagine how incredibly painful it must be to lose multiple hundred hours of playtime just with a flick of a finger. As to this point, Blizzard hasn't solved the problem yet, but acknowledged the issue and is working on a solution right now. In the Overwatch forum, Blizzard is keeping an updated list of all known issues and bugs that appeared after the launch of Overwatch 2.

I highly recommend to check if all your skins, stats and other collectable items got transferred to Overwatch 2 correctly. If not, please make sure that you're using the right Battle.Net account. We all hope that Blizzard will solve this problem soon, but until then I guess all we can do is wait.