Overwatch 2 Error LC-208: What It Is And What You Can Do

After the Overwatch 2 release, many people have reported problems with connecting to the servers. We can tell you what you could do to fix "Error LC-208" or other connection issues with Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Servers
Overwatch 2: Error LC-208 keeps disconnecting players from the game. | © Blizzard Entertainment

The recent release of Overwatch 2 has caused a number of problems. The biggest problem was the overloading of the servers. In the following hours after the release, hardly anyone had the chance to get on the server at all, or if they managed to get in, it mostly didn't last for very long until they got kicked again. The error message "Error LC-208" kept popping up.

Overwatch 2 Error LC-208 - Disconnected From Game Server

Since thousands of people wanted to access the Overwatch 2 servers at the same time, the servers got overloaded really fast and partly even crashed. A DDos attack on the Overwatch servers was reported as well. Maybe some of you were lucky enough to get in, but then got kicked off the server again? Yea, I feel ya... Although this problem was probably caused by the rush right after the release, sometimes server connection problems can also lie in your own network. If you see an error like LC-208, here is what you can do:

Test Your Internet Connection

This is the first thing you should always do, whenever you are experiencing problems with your connection to servers. Simply go to your network settings on the device that you're playing on and test your internet connection there.

If you are having trouble connecting to the internet in general, just try reconnecting your device to the internet and maybe restart your router if that wasn't enough.

Look Up Current Overwatch Server Problems

Maybe the problem lies in Blizzard's servers. By checking the server status on the Overwatch Twitter account, you are likely to find out, whether the Overwatch servers have crashed or if there is ongoing server maintenance.

Now, a couple of days after the game release, the servers seem to have stabilized a bit – hopefully it'll stay that way. For more interesting content about Overwatch 2 feel free to check this out: