Overwatch 2: All New Heroes And How To Get Them

New Overwatch 2 Heroes will be released with the game itself on the 4th of October in 2022. Although Overwatch 2 will be more like an update for the original, the developers already revealed three new characters for the game. Here is everything you need to know before the game release.

Overwatch 2 Heroes
Here is everything we know so far about the new Overwatch 2 heroes | © Blizzard

Blizzard already announced two of the three new characters officially, first we’ve got Sojourn, a pretty strong but easy to play damage hero which was revealed in April. Two months later in June, we got introduced to Junker Queen, a close combat tank with a lot of interesting abilities. It would only make sense, that the third hero, which has not been revealed officially yet, will be a supporter. A recent leak gave us more information. Here is everything we know about the new heroes for Overwatch 2.

All New Overwatch 2 Heroes


Role: Damage

Overwatch Sojourn
Sojourn will be available with the release of Overwatch 2 | © Blizzard

Sojourn is in possession of a rail gun that charges up energy as she is making damage. The energy that is generated from the primary fire, charges up her secondary. Which can impact up to 130 points of damage.
To make her rail gun more affective, Sojourn can cast her AOE ability. The Disruptor Shot slows down and damages everyone inside it for about 3 - 4 seconds.

Sojourns Ultimate ability: Overclock

When activated, it auto-charges the energy for the secondary fire, which can pierce through multiple enemies. If there is a cluster of opponents ahead, this ability might be a pretty good shot.

Junker Queen

Role: Tank

Overwatch Junker Queen
Junker Queen looks pretty dope right? | © Blizzard

This new character is already a fan favorite among the community. Her real name is Odessa Stone, or some also call her “Dez”. With her wild style, she reminds us a lot of a cooler version Mad Maggie. Dez is a former gladiator champion and now Queen of Junker Town.

Junker Queen Can Cause Consistent Damage With Wounds

She is a close combat tank with abilities, that will draw health from her opponents and heal her overtime as she is causing damage. Her main weapon is the scatter gun, a shotgun that makes a lot of damage when used in a close-up fight. Her unique ability is to throw her Jagged Blade.

Overwatch 2 junkerqueen
Overwatch 2 new Character Junker Queen is so powerful! | © Blizzard

Not only can she cause wounds on her opponent, that will overtime draw health from them and heal her, but she can also return her blade after throwing it. Which will harm anybody who’s in the way between the blade and her, and if the blade is stuck inside an enemies body, it will pull the enemy towards her as she returns her blade. Wounds can also be caused by her Carnage, an axe that, when swung, will wound any enemy in front of her.

When in battle, the Junker Queen might use her Commanding Shout, which will increase her health to 200 hp and everyone around her to 100 hp. Additionally, it buffs your movement speed to +30%. This ability is incredibly useful in tricky situations when your team is about to die or an opponent’s ultimate is about to go off. Speaking of ultimate…

The Junker Queens ultimate will be a game changer for multi-kills in Overwatch.
If the team is well coordinated and times their ultimate well, a combination with Junker Queens Rampage will get you to the win. She will strike forward while spinning her axe and wound everybody that is in her way.


Role: Supporter

Overwatch 2 Kiriko
Overwatch 2 new Supporter Kiriko | © Blizzard

Kiriko is a ninja support hero, who is accompanied by a Kitsune spirit. She has multiple useful abilities, that'll make her one of the strongest support heroes in Overwatch. In order to heal her teammates, she will throw talismanic paper cards at them, but we don't know how strong the healing power is going to be. Her only weapons are three Kunai knifes, that she can throw just like the healing cards.

The ability that makes her this unbelievably strong supporter is "swift step". Kiriko can teleport herself to her team in any given situation. This will be very helpful if there is only one supporter and the team splits up at some point. And unlike Reaper, Kiriko can even teleport through walls, how cool is that?

With Kiriko, we will finally have immortality in Overwatch. Finally, there is a way to survive literally any ultimate... It is called Protection Suzu! With this ability, Kiriko can give her team 0.5 seconds of invulnerability, enough time to survive Junkrats Ultimate, although it will be pretty hard to time.

You have probably been wondering what the purpose of her Kitsune is. Well, get ready for Kirikos Ultimate Ability: Kitsune Rush! The Spirit Kitsune will run forward and reveal a blue path. Anyone going on that path will have faster movement speed, increased attack speed and a shorter cooldown. Oh boy, I can already imagine so many powerful combinations with this ultimate...

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Ultimate
Kiriko is such a strong supporter... thx Blizzard | © Blizzard

The new character, Kiriko will be accessible right away for those who bought a premium battle pass. After some disturbance and confusion in the community, the Overwatch commercial leader Jon Spector addressed that all the new characters will be available in the free battle pass as well.

How To Unlock All The New Overwatch Characters

Overwatch 2 will have two Battle Pass Tiers: The Premium Battle Pass will include 7 Legendary, 5 Epic Skins and a lot of rewards. With the Premium Battle Pass, you'll also receive instant access to the latest Hero Kiriko. That doesn't mean that you necessarily have to spend money on a Battle Pass in order to play Kiriko. All the new characters will be available in the free Battle Pass as well and can be unlocked through playing the game.

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