Overwatch 2 Glitch Makes Bastion Crazy OP

This glitch in Overwatch 2 turns Bastion's ultimate into an overpowered and unfair ability.

Overwatch 2 Bastion
This Overwatch 2 glitch makes Bastion totally OP | © Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 is just about a week old now and still contains a lot of bugs, glitches, and other issues. Of course, Blizzard is constantly working on solutions, but this bug is worse than any other one we've noticed. Bastion's artillery strike is cool, but normally not overly practical. Thanks to this recent glitch though, his ultimate is way too overpowered.

This Nasty Overwatch 2 Glitch Ensures Multi-Kills

Bastion has been completely reworked for Overwatch 2. His new abilities give him more freedom to move around and prevent him from camping in a corner for hours and annoying his opponents. He has also been given a new ultimate. Back in Overwatch 1, Bastion's ultimate turned him into a rocket-shooting tank, but thanks to his rework, it's very different now.

His new ability, "Artillery Strike", locks Bastion to the ground and then unleashes three artillery strikes on any location on the map. A bug has caused, that while Bastion is choosing the three areas on the map, the player can spam attack the third one until the time runs out. Reddit user "ILCaponchi" has posted a video of this glitch in the practice range. Normally it will need two artillery strikes on an enemy to kill them, but if someone uses this bug on clustered enemies, it'll result in a solid multi-kill.

There is a MAJOR BUG with Bastion's ult where you can shoot until the time goes out from Overwatch

Of course, the Redditor didn't explain how they did it, which is understandable because people will take advantage of it. Don't exploit a bug or a glitch to your advantage! It is not only poor gameplay, but also very unfair and can result in an account ban, and if you see people using bugs to their advantage, you should report them right away. So, always remember to play fair and friendly.

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