Blizzard Is Gatekeeping Overwatch 2 For Poor People

The new 2-factor-authentification feature in Overwatch 2 is very discriminatory towards people of lower income, and here is why.

Overwatch 2 Brigitte
Overwatch 2 SMS Protect is super unfair. | © Blizzard Entertainment

With Overwatch 2, Blizzard has introduced their new program on preventing cheating and disruptive behaviour which they call the "Defence Matrix". In order to make smurfing harder and track cheaters, Blizzard has implemented the 2-Factor-Authentification, SMS Protect. To play Overwatch 2, new Players are now required to link their Battle.Net account with their phone number. You are wondering why this is unfair gatekeeping? Well, let me tell you.

Overwatch 2 SMS-Protect Is Unfair

Everyone who has created a new Battle.Net account or didn't play Overwatch 1 before, is required to link their account to their phone number. The controversial issue with this is that certain types of numbers, including pre-paid and VOIP, cannot be used for SMS Protect. This not only means that people who might not be able to afford a flatrate, but also younger people or maybe even older people, who don't have a phone at all, cannot play Overwatch. Not only is this extremely unfair, but also discriminating to people of a lower social class.

Overwatch 2 was first introduced to be the new "free-to-play" game of the year... But turns out, for some people it isn't entirely free-to-play at all. At first, everyone was required to attach their phone number to their account, but after a lot of complaints by Overwatch 1 veterans, Blizzard is planning on making that feature optional for people who have played Overwatch since June 2021.

Nonetheless, if a f2p game isn't offering the same accessibility to everyone, then it is discriminatory towards people of lower income. Blizzard seems to listen to people's complaints, so hopefully they will rethink if they did the right thing with the SMS-Protect requirements.

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