Blizzard's Statement On Screwed Up Launch Of Overwatch 2

The launch of Overwatch 2 could have gone better, because there were many reported bugs and complaints from disappointed players. Blizzard has now finally reacted and stated their plan on fixing current bugs and issues.

Overwatch Blizzard Statement
Blizzard reaction on screwed up Overwatch 2 launch | © Blizzard Entertainment

The launch of Overwatch 2 was a disaster. You can't even imagine how many things went wrong, from servers crashing to a DDoS attack. Fans are disappointed, and some didn't even get the chance to play the game yet. But now Blizzard has published a detailed update on everything that went wrong and how they are planning on fixing it. We have summed up everything you need to know about the current Overwatch 2 issues and what Blizzard has said.

Blizzard's Reaction On Disastrous Launch Of Overwatch 2

After the launch of Overwatch 2, many fans have reported countless bugs and issues. Several accounts seemed to have been reset, and many Overwatch veterans have lost their hard-earned cosmetics. On the day of the launch, entering the servers was almost impossible, due to DDoS attacks and overloaded servers. Even now, a few days after the launch, many fans still didn't get a chance to enter the game.

Although at first it seemed like, Blizzard was well-prepared for Overwatch 2, as of the time of the launch, everything went downhill. Now, fans are wondering whether they will ever see their lost skins again and after all these issues, Blizzard has finally released a statement on what went wrong and how they are planning on fixing it.

Server Overload, Instability And Infinite Queues

Right after the Overwatch 2 launch, most of us were excited to hop into the game and discover all the new features right away. But unfortunately, the majority of players got stuck in a queue with 40k people before them or got randomly kicked out of the game. With so many people trying to join at the same time, it was near impossible to get it. And even now, a few days after release, it's still difficult to play Overwatch in the evening hours.

Blizzard has now shared what they're going to do about it: They have patched a server that is critical to the login experience, and are working on another server update which will reduce the occurrences of players getting disconnected once they’re already in game. Additionally, Blizzard is slowly adding nodes to ease the player database pressure.

Now that Blizzard is taking action for better server stability, we expect that the server connection issues will reduce within the next few days.

Missing Skins, Heroes And Other Collectables

A great deal of Overwatch 1 players had to go through a traumatic experience, when realizing that all of their hard-earned skins were missing in Overwatch 2. Now, the big question is: Are they ever going to see their lost collectables again? Here is what Blizzard had to say about that issue:

things are just taking longer than expected for items from the original Overwatch to transfer and populate in Overwatch 2. In all cases, no player data has been wiped or lost. We have a client-side fix for this that cannot be deployed until next week, so we are exploring server-side fixes and will provide updates as more information becomes available. ~ Jodie (Community Manager)

If you want to stay updated on all the bug fixes and errors in Overwatch 2, Blizzard is keeping a regularly updated list of all issues in their forum, and make sure to check out other content on Overwatch 2:

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