Crazy Overwatch 2 Bug Turns Brigitte's Barrier Shield Indestructible

A recent Overwatch 2 bug gives Brigitte an unfair advantage when teaming up with Kiriko

Overwatch 2 Brigitte Shield Bug
New Overwatch 2 bug made Brigitte OP | © Blizzard Entertainment

There is no end to the chaos in Overwatch 2. Since its release a month ago, fans have been reporting countless bugs, glitches, and server errors on a daily basis. Now that Bastion and Torbjörn have been added back into the game after being removed due to massive glitches that were destroying the gameplay, Mei has now also been set on ice for about 2 weeks. And as if that wasn't enough, we now have to watch another hero go down the tubes. A bug causes Brigitte's barrier shield to become indestructible. Wtf Blizzard?

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Overwatch 2 Bug Makes Brigitte OP

A nasty new bug has appeared in Overwatch 2, giving Brigitte an infinite and indestructible shield when paired with Kiriko's ultimate. Fans are now worried that Brigitte will be the next hero to be removed from Overwatch 2.

The infinite shield bug works by combining Brigitte's ability to rebuild her shield with Kiriko's Kitsune Rush, which grants her allies a 3x faster cooldown.

When Brigitte's shield is destroyed, its health remains at one point and usually requires some cooldown time before it can recharge again. While Kiriko's ultimate ability reduces the cooldown so drastically, Brigitte's shield keeps rebuilding itself, causing the Barrier to last forever. All a Brigitte player has to do is to raise the Broken shield while under the effects of Kitsune Rush.

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Is Brigitte the Next Hero to be Removed from Overwatch 2?

Many fans are worried about the beloved supporter. What if Blizzard will remove her like they did with Bastion, Tobjörn and recently even Mei? Well, we can't say anything for sure, but we know that there have been problems before with other heroes who were overpowered because of Kiriko's ultimate ability. Zenyatta was one of them, and Blizzard didn't have to remove him from the game, they simply included the change in an update.

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