Dallas Fuel Wins The Overwatch League 2022

The Overwatch League Grand Finals were exciting and breathtaking. Dallas Fuel are the new champions and winners of the OWL 2022.

Dallas Fuels Winners Overwatch League
Dallas Fuel are OWL Champions 2022! | © @overwatchleague via Twitter

The veteran team Dallas Fuel won in an outstanding final and are the new champions of the OWL in 2022. The 12 playoff teams have competed against each other for the past few days, and we got the most competitive final in the history of the league.

Overwatch League Grand Final: Dallas Fuel wins against San Francisco Shock

With a 4-3 victory in the Grand Final, Dallas Fuel won the trophy and $1 million. EarlyGame says congratulations to the whole team and to Fearless, who was chosen as Grand Finals MVP.

After 25 weeks of blood, sweat, and tears fighting their way to the top, the OWL found their highlight in the Grand Finals on the 4th of November at 7PM PDT.

But the OWL Grand Finals did not only reveal the OWL Champions of 2022, but also the newest Overwatch 2 Hero, who will join the game with the launch of season 2 in December.

San Francisco Shock Were Up 3-2 – Dallas Fuel With Outstanding Performance

After going through the lower bracket, San Francisco Shock were unstoppable and won five consecutive matches to earn their spot in the Grand Final. And what a final it was: after the 2-2, Shock even went up 3-2 on Oasis. Sixth map Route 66 was fairly close, but Dallas managed to get the 3-3 and fans were losing their minds.

Even if Shock fought until the last second, the coordination, the confidence, and last but not least the decisive factor MVP Fearless let Dallas win the trophy well-deserved in the end.

Rewatch The Grand Finals

In case you missed the Grand Final, you can rewatch it on the Overwatch League YouTube channel.

We strongly recommend getting the Overwatch League app for the 2023 season in order to not miss any matches and even be rewarded for watching the livestreams.

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