Rockstar Gives Up & Removes Anti-Cheat From GTA Online

It looks like Rockstar Games removed almost all anti-cheat measures from GTA Online.

Franklin in GTA Online
GTA Online removing anti-cheat? We're also confused, Franklin... | © Rockstar

Rockstar, what are you doing? It looks like the developers of GTA removed almost all anti-cheat systems from GTA Online in their latest update. This was claimed by an insider, who took a look at the latest patch and reported on this bizarre find. What a weird thing to do...

Cheaters Get Free Reign in GTA Online

This strange move was first discovered by Rockstar insider "Tez2" via Twitter, who analyzed the latest update and found out, that "approximately 95% of the anti-cheat system" have been removed. Again... utterly strange.

Here's everything we know about GTA 6 so far:

It is completely unclear, why Rockstar Games did this. Speculation under the Tez tweet ranges from careless incompetency to a botched changing of systems to careless apathy. GTA Online is completely rampant with cheaters and this could only open the door more widely. Let's hope they will do something about this ASAP, before the game becomes (somehow) even less playable.

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