Female Streamer Beats The Hardest Boss In God Of War In Cosplay On A Dance Pad

Female Twitch Streamer MissMikkaa just proved that she got them slick dance moves, by beating the hardest bosses in God of War on a dance pad.

She got them moves like Jagger. | © MissMikkaa via Twitch

MissMikkaa is a female streamer, cosplayer and absolute legend! On October 7, she beat Sigrun, the Queen of the Valkyries and the hardest boss in God of War on a freaking dance pad!

MissMikkaa is well known for doing challenge runs for difficult games. She already beat Elden Ring's Malenia, widely considered one of the toughest bosses in gaming, on a dance pad as well.

So obviously Malenia is in this list of hardest bosses in Elden Ring:

With the release of God of War: Ragnarök right around the Corner, Mikkaa decided to do a full play through of the predecessor. The twist: She did the whole thing while wearing a Kratos cosplay and with the inputs bound to a dance pad.

This playthrough included one of the most challenging bosses in recent gaming, Sigrun, Queen of the Valkyries. After 216 tries and about 12 hours, Mikkaa finally managed to kill this absolute menace.

This is really freaking impressive, as I remember struggling quite a bit with Sigrun myself. Mikkaa described the fight as:

This was Malenia difficulty but so much more fast-paced. Took me 216 tries and about 12 hours to kill her. The fatigue is real.

The fact that she did all that on a dance pad... that's just crazy! This woman is a true gamer and an absolute legend.

Some streamers like Mikkaa play games, others play "with" themselves:

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