Elden Ring DLC Hinted At By Official Game Guide Publishers

The official Elden Ring Game Guide publishers have just delayed Volume II. Apparently they're waiting for something in Elden Ring, to make sure their guide contains "all there is".

Elden Ring DLC
Elden Ring DLC is looking more and more like a reality... | © FromSoftware

We first heard about Elden Ring DLC a few weeks ago, but at the time it was only a rumor. However, a recent update from the publishers of the official Elden Ring Game Guide seems to corroborate the news. If this turn out to be true, then we can easily see this being a record-breaking piece of DLC, especially given how likely Elden Ring is to be 2022's Game of the Year (and it should be).

Elden Ring Game Guide Publishers Hint At Future DLC

Publishers of the official Elden Ring Game Guide, Future Press, have already released a first volume. And they were planning to release a second volume in time for Christmas 2022, but the second volume has been delayed. Here's why:

We’re still hard at work on Volume II, and have made the tough decision to delay its release until early 2023. We’re striving to include all there is to know at the time of publication, making it accurate and useful long after its release.

Now we could be wrong, but surely if there wasn't going to be any Elden Ring DLC then they wouldn't need to wait for "all there is to know at the time of publication". They would already know everything they needed to if they were only writing about content in the base game.

This is still very far from official confirmation, but it's also quite a compelling piece of evidence to suggest there will be DLC. We'll update you as soon as we get even a crumb of more info on Elden Ring DLC. For now, all we can do is wait (and play God of War).

Surely with DLC they'll bring some even harder bosses to the game...