Wait... Did From Software Just Tease Elden Ring DLC?

Elden Ring just got a big patch, that includes references to a potential DLC.

Elden Ring Malenia
Please give me more of this... | © FromSoftware

Elden Ring is one of the best games of all time, let alone of this year. And I want more. After selling about a bajillion copies, it is only a matter of time until FromSoftware will make DLC and give us brand-new adventures in the Lands Between. However, nothing has been confirmed yet so far. But don't fret, dear Tarnished: we just got a first hint towards Elden Ring DLC. How exciting! Let's check it out.

From Software Hid Hints In Game Files

Elden Ring recently got the huge 1.07 patch which changed everything in the game. The patch also hid some tasty little nuggets, which were found by noted Soulslike-insider and dataminer Lance McDonald. The ol' Maccies took a deeper look at the patch files and discovered references to new maps, that are currently not in the game. This SCREAMS for a new DLC campaign, right?

Other dataminers, like @SekiroDubi and @MagicalShion on Twitter, have found out a little bit more about this. It looks like one of these new maps is a completely new zone, while the other is a new Legacy Dungeon. And if you didn't believe any of this until now, here's a post showing how some of the data has "DLC_01" in it.

This whole thing is pretty self-evident, right? It looks like FromSoft is already laying down the framework for new content to be added to the game. That is super exciting. We're hoping for an announcement very soon.

Will the Elden Ring DLC have boss fights as hard as these ones?