How To Fix "Failed to Login to Elden Ring Game Server" Error

Some Elden Ring players have complained about an annoying error, that prevents them from logging in and playing the game online. Here's how you can fix that issue.

Elden Ring Failed To Log In Error
Check out how to fix this error, that prevents you from playing Elden Ring online. | © From Software

While Elden Ring can be played offline, I think most people would agree that the best way to experience your adventure in the Lands Between is with your friends. Or some friendly randos. However, playing Elden Ring online can often be interrupted by a nasty problem, more concretely the "Failed to Login to Elden Ring Game Server" error.

Players get regularly hit with this error message, but what can you do when it happens? We will show you.

What Is The "Failed to Login to Elden Ring Game Server" Error?

Like the name says, the "Failed to Login to Elden Ring Game Server" error comes up when you can't log into the game's servers, preventing you from playing online. As far as we know, this error can occur on any platform and any version of Elden Ring.

How You Can Fix The "Failed to Login to Elden Ring Game Server" Error

Before we start dishing out advice, a word of caution: there is no official or fully guaranteed fix for this error. I'm sorry. But there are a bunch of potential solutions that we have gathered here. One of these should help you with your problem, but unfortunately, we can't guarantee a 100% success.

Make Sure That You're Connected To The Internet

This one is pretty obvious, but it can always happen that you overlook something, think you're connected and whoopsie... turns out you weren't connected after all, pal. So make sure you tab out of the game, try other apps etc. and make sure, that you actually have a solid connection.

Check That Elden Ring Is Updated

If you want to play Elden Ring online, the game's version needs to be up-to-date. Quit the game and try to update it.

Reboot Your Computer

When rebooting your computer (or any other system), make sure not to just put it into hibernation or sleep mode, it needs to have a proper restart.

Change Your DNS Server

Now, this one is a bit tricky. Changing your DNS server can lead to all types of habberdash, so you need to be careful and precise. But this has been reported as a potential solution by fans, at least some of them.

Check that your Internet is Working Properly

Check your internet service connection. Do this via restarts and factory resets of your modem, and speak to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if nothing works. If there is no response or fixes from them, attempt to use a different connection to check if your internet connection is the problem.

Reinstall Elden Ring

If worse comes to worst, you'll need to reinstall the game, just to make sure. I know, it's large, and it might take a while, but it could help!

That's all, folks! Good luck with the "Failed to Login to Elden Ring Game Server" error, we hope this guide was able to help you.