Is This Game The Next Elden Ring? Check It Out Yourself

The Action RPG Thymesia looks absolutely amazing, and has a lot of potentital to become the next big thing. The best part? You can play it now!

New Action RPG Thymesia
This game could be the next big thing after Elden Ring. | © Team 17

We all love Elden Ring obviously, because it's an amazing game. And it's a huge game, which is why we're still playing it. But the time has come for another Action RPG to conquer our hearts and completely take over our lives. And today we have a very promising candidate: here is Thymesia, a dark fantasy Action-RPG in the style of Elden Ring, which is coming in just a few months! Let's check it out together.

Thymesia Looks Like The Next Elden Ring

I hear you asking: "What is a Thymesia and can I eat it?" The answer is no, you doofus. Thymesia is a new Action-RPG by developer OverBorder Studio and publisher Team 17. It is a game where you play a particularly deadly plague doctor and yes, it is very much inspired by Dark Souls and Bloodborne. So much so, that the developers just straight up say it:

For fans of games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne comes Thymesia, a dark, challenging, souls like ARPG where the plague is your weapon.

When a once thriving kingdom is infested by terrifying monsters, it’s up to the mysterious character, known only as ‘Corvus’, to find out why. Wielding the power of disease as a weapon, Corvus must fight his way through the dark and desolate kingdom, while trying to recover his lost memories along the way.

The game sounds awesome, and yes, it actually is very much a Souls-like. That means:

  • A dark, mysterious fantasy world
  • Tough enemies that will kick your ass
  • A complex and satisfying combat system

It's also super cool to experience and really fun to play. You might be wondering how I know all of these things. Well, first from the cool trailer that just dropped, and which you can check out at the bottom of this article. But also I played the game, as a demo is now available to download. So you can check it out for yourself! Do it... I dare you.

Thymesia could be an amazing game, and I'm really quite excited to play it. Are you excited as well? Then you're in luck, as the developers just announced the release date, which is on August 9. That's quite soon! Only three months and then we will see, if Thymesia can live up to its potential. Or if it goes on the endless pile of Souls-likes that couldn't even touch the OG.