Is Bloodborne 2 Coming?

About everyone has finished playing Elden Ring, and now it's time to start thinking about new From Software game material. A remake of Bloodborne has been rumored for a long time, and the hopes for a sequel have not died out yet either.

The Japanese developer studio FromSoftware has released several games in recent years. Just recently, the universally celebrated Elden Ring. From Demon's Souls to Sekiro, they all follow a similar game concept. Nevertheless, the different franchises also have their own peculiarities, special features and settings. Bloodborne from 2015 is the favorite of many FromSoftware fans. If you are currently still playing Elden Ring, we have many guides to help you out!

Bloodborne 2: Is The Game In Development?

In October 2021, there was the first rumor about a possible sequel to Bloodborne. The rumor came from Colin Moriarty, host of Sacred Symbols, a podcast dedicated to all things PlayStation. In an episode of the podcast, Moriarty said that, to his knowledge, studio Bluepoint Games is currently working on a new PS5 version of Bloodborne AND A SEQUEL. We have also reported on this.

Unfortunately, since that leak, or rumor, as you might call it, not much has happened in that direction! With the release of Elden Ring, a lot of time was put into this game and probably DLCs will be released for it in the near future. But the main work is over and maybe FromSoftware, together with Bluepoint can work together for Bloodborne 2. Or maybe they'll wait until the initial hype around Elden Ring is over to add fuel to the fire. And maybe we can now soon hope for an official announcement for a Bloodborne sequel.

Bloodborne for PS5? Yes, please. | © From Software

Will Bloodborne Be Remastered For The PS5?

According to rumors, the Bloodborne remaster will be developed by Bluepoint Games. Bluepoint Games is responsible for the PS5 remake of Demon's Souls that came out right on time for the release of the PS5. But if Bluepoint Games is actually working on a remake, then it would make sense to also get a sequel, right? I mean, Bloodborne is one of the most popular games of the PS4 era, it would almost be silly not to do a remake or a sequel.

What Will Be The Bloodborne 2 Story?

That's an interesting question. There are hundreds of reddit posts and theories on this. It would be interesting if it were set in a new city with a different kind of architecture. Most of all, I would personally like to see a new setting, I don't know if it's because I've been playing a lot of games in Japanese settings lately, like Ghostwire: Tokyo, but an Asian setting in the Bloodborne look would be something. The possibilities for the monsters would also be insane. Maybe the diluted blood would have a different effect on the psyche of the inhabitants? Would it give them a little more humanity? Considering it's diluted and not pure like the strain of the church, and from what I know of the lore, the infected would have different aspects depending on the terrain?

We'll probably have to settle for the Bloodborne PS4 Edition for now and increase our hours of play in Elden Ring. As always, these are all rumors and leaks, so take everything with grains of salt unless the developers officially come out with a statement.