Splinter Cell Remake: Release Date, Latest News & Leaks

Guess what? Sam Fisher is coming to next-generation consoles with a Splinter Cell Remake. Ubisoft Toronto is developing this upcoming game, and everything suggests that we're in for an incredible experience. But just how incredible can that experience be? Let's find out.

Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell
Sam Fisher is returning in the Splinter Cell Remake. Are you ready? | © Ubisoft Toronto

After eight years, Sam Fisher returns to next-generation consoles with another entry in the Splinter Cell franchise. This isn’t surprising, considering that the Splinter Cell Remake has been rumored for months. Still, we’ve finally gotten confirmation from Ubisoft that their Toronto studio is developing the next Splinter Cell.

As a Canadian in Ontario, I couldn’t be prouder of Ubisoft Toronto for their accomplishments with Far Cry 6. However, I’m far more interested in playing the upcoming Splinter Cell Remake because it should provide an exceptional experience by incorporating stealth gameplay with shooting mechanics.

There are limited details on the Splinter Cell Remake, as Ubisoft Toronto is quiet about their upcoming game to avoid any potential leaks. This title remains in the early stages of development, meaning that character models and gameplay environments are still being designed. We shouldn’t expect any official footage for some time to come. However, there is some information about the Splinter Cell Remake we can cover.

Is Splinter Cell Remake Coming Out In 2022?

Unfortunately, there are low chances that Ubisoft Toronto will release the Splinter Cell Remake in 2022. They’ve got numerous months before the development schedule is complete. As such, inside sources have estimated that Splinter Cell won’t launch for the Xbox Series X/S and PC until 2023-24.

Game Setting, Story, And Everything We Know About Splinter Cell Remake | All Leaks & Rumors

Sam Fisher in stealth mode
Sam Fisher will return to his classic stealth techniques in the Splinter Cell Remake | © Ubisoft Toronto

The Splinter Cell Remake will honor & respect the original game, as Ubisoft Toronto has confirmed that linear gameplay levels are staying within this title. That means an open-world environment shouldn’t be expected for the Splinter Cell Remake, but instead, improved graphics. This will become Ubisoft Toronto’s primary focus during the early & ending stages of development. But we won’t know how the Snow Drop Engine performs with next-generation consoles until Avatar - Frontiers of Pandora is released.

Head Producer Matt West has confirmed that the Splinter Cell Remake is being redesigned and redeveloped from the ground up, meaning we won’t have to worry about a basic HD Remaster. Instead, we’ll be getting an entirely new version that focuses on retelling the origin story of Sam Fisher. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Ubisoft Toronto remake the original three games? We think so.

Unfortunately, that’s the assortment of details that Ubisoft Toronto has confirmed. Everything from here on in is purely speculative, but we’re confident our speculations are correct. For instance, Ubisoft Toronto will have to make the Splinter Cell Remake more relevant to modern politics. If they don’t manage to modernize the storyline, some might consider the origin story for Sam Fisher as outdated. Why, might you ask? Splinter Cell didn’t incorporate the elements of social unrest & social media.

Ubisoft Toronto would be foolish not to incorporate the updated relevancy of modern politics into the Splinter Cell Remake. If they told an expansive storyline that saw Sam Fisher fighting against the Chinese or Russians, it’d become a popular game throughout numerous counties.

[Update, September 22, 2022]

A job listing for the Splinter Cell Remake has appeared. The team over at Ubisoft are looking for a scriptwriter. Through the job description, however, we find out something very interested about the game.

Using the first Splinter Cell game as our foundation we are rewriting and updating the story for a modern-day audience. We want to keep the spirit and themes of the original game while exploring our characters and the world to make them more authentic and believable.

As you can see, Ubisoft actually wants to "rewrite and update the story for a modern-day audience", so something that we actually predicted, if you read the part before this update. We think that's a great idea and can't wait to see what Ubisoft will come up with. Though, if they're still looking for personnel, we're assuming that the game is a long way off, probably heading towards a 2024 release date.

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Stealth Gameplay in Splinter Cell Remake

Ubisoft Toronto’s Matt West confirmed that stealth gameplay is returning to the Splinter Cell Remake. However, we don’t know how much Ubisoft is leaning towards the stealth gameplay or shooting mechanics. It’s been suggested that the Splinter Cell Remake could maintain similarities to Metal Gear Solid 5. Despite that, we’re confident Ubisoft will try to separate itself from Kojima Productions and continue the legacy of Splinter Cell. It would be foolish to eliminate the core gameplay feature this franchise is known for, and that’s its unique version of stealth.

Is Splinter Cell Remake Getting Released Onto PC And Xbox?

An enemy defeated by Sam Fisher
Who will become the next set of enemies that Sam Fisher defeats in Splinter Cell? Who knows. | © Ubisoft Toronto

It’s guaranteed that the Splinter Cell Remake will launch on the Xbox Series X/S and PC, as Ubisoft doesn’t have any agreements that would force them to launch this game under the PlayStation banner. Plus, there are few chances that such an agreement will ever be made between Ubisoft and PlayStation.

This means we can expect the Splinter Cell Remake to launch sometime in 2023/24 for the Xbox Series X/S and PC. It’ll also come to the PS5 for you PlayStation fans out there.

Is Splinter Cell Remake Part Of The Game Pass On Xbox?

Here’s where things start getting complicated. The Splinter Cell Remake won’t launch for some time on the Xbox Game Pass, and we’re predicting that Ubisoft won’t authorize this game until 2025. Why, might you ask? Because investors will want to ensure that projected revenues for the Splinter Cell Remake are made. Otherwise, developing this game will have been useless on a financial level. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect Splinter Cell to become available for download on the Game Pass until 2025.

Game Trailer and Demo

We haven’t received any official footage for the Splinter Cell Remake. However, we’ve acquired an insightful video that details the original game and how the development took place. However, you could tell there was an active effort to avoid talking about Splinter Cell’s Remake.

This is disappointing for countless fans of this franchise, including me. But have some hope because we’ll get an official trailer by the latest of E3 2023.

Game System Requirements

Ubisoft Toronto is utilizing the Snowdrop Engine for the Splinter Cell Remake. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any games launched under the Snowdrop Engine as of yet. That means nobody can accurately describe the game system requirement for this upcoming title. However, you can expect that some upgrades will be needed. I’m expecting that we’ll all need updated CPUs but not GPUs.