New Call of Duty Subscription Service Leaked

Would you pay $70 for a Call of Duty subscription that included full games and six Battle Passes? That's what Activision are trying to find out. Here are the details on their upcoming subscription model for Call of Duty.

Call of Duty have actually already tried a subscription model when Modern Warfare 3 launched, but that was much smaller in scale. This time round, it looks like they want it to become the main way people access Call of Duty. Here are the details.

Call of Duty Going Into New Era Of "Subscription-Based Content"

In what's being described internally as "CoD 2.0", Activision are planning to move Call of Duty to a subscription based model that would see customers pay for a yearly pass. The pass would include full games, every Battle Pass, and potentially free access to the back catalog. Of course, it wouldn't be cheap, but how much would you be willing to pay? Activision have been asking their fans to find out, as we discovered thanks to a leaked questionnaire:

Obviously, the news wasn't going to stay secret for very long, and now they've begun openly hiring people to work on CoD 2.0:

If you've got what it takes, maybe you can get the gig and start developing this brave new future at one of Activision's studios.

Personally, we're quite excited about this change. It makes a lot of sense for a game like Call of Duty, that has so many concurrently active products with the yearly game, the remasters, Warzone and now even CoD: Mobile. Just offer people the chance to make a single yearly payment and get the lot.

It might seem like giving over too much cash to Activision upfront, but if you're an avid CoD fan, then let's think about what you're getting. Next year, for instance, we have Modern Warfare 2, the World at War remaster, and presumably 6 new Battle Passes as part of Warzone 2, Year 1. These days, that will cost:

  • 1 x Full Game - $70
  • 6 x Battle Passes - $60
  • 1 x Remaster - $20 (Based on recent MW2 remaster)

We don't know the exact price of the subscription yet, but it will effectively give you access to about $150 worth of content each year. And potentially much more if they open up the back catalog like Halo did in the Master Chief Collection.

We'll let you know as soon as we hear more about a price for this service. Until then, why not enjoy the camper-free Warzone experience?