CoD 2022 Will Have Even More MW Trilogy Remakes Than First Planned!

A recent leak regarding Modern Warfare 2 has revealed that even more map remasters from the original Modern Warfare trilogy are being planned. So... Terminal confirmed, right?
MW2 More OG MW Trilogoy Maps
Please give us Overgrown for SnD. | © Activision Blizzard
Modern Warfare 2 looks incredible so far. It's had the time and funding that most CoD games can only dream of, and it's Infinity Ward's chance to show Activision (once again) why they're the golden child. But what those devs probably hadn't prepared for was the recent news that Modern Warfare 2 would be a 2-year game. Most CoD games only need to keep the community happy for one year before the next game comes out, but there won't be a new CoD game in 2023.

Will Modern Warfare 2 be good enough to keep the fans happy for multiple years? Well, Modern Warfare 2019 was certainly a huge success, but only time will tell. In an effort to start preparing more content for the game, we've now heard that even more original trilogy maps are being remastered. So that's certainly a good sign.

More Original Trilogy Maps Are Coming To MW2

A known-leaker in the Call of Duty scene recently shared the news that even more map remakes from the original Modern Warfare trilogy would find their way into Modern Warfare 2. With the news that there won't be a 2023 Call of Duty title, this makes perfect sense; MW2 has to provide enough content to keep people entertained for twice as long as previous CoD games. Here's what the leaker claims:

That's great news for anyone with good taste, who will surely have loved the original trilogy. Personally I think Favela, Estate, Overgrown, Terminal and Fallen should be there on launch, with more to come down the pipeline. We just have to hope they don't try and "improve" them with any layout changes or hideous reskins. Fingers crossed...