Zelda BOTW 2: Leaks, Story, Gameplay Details & More

4chan is at it again, with some supposed Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 leaks. Is there any truth to the leaks? Well, let's leave that for after we gush over them.

[Update: March 29, 2022]

Nintendo delayed the release date for Breath of the Wild 2. The initial release window of 2022 can't be met anymore, so they pushed the game back to 2023. If you want to know more about the delay and the new release date, check out our dedicated article on this news:

[Original Article: January 31, 2022]

Alright y'all, you know the drill: Pinches of salt, everybody, pinches of salt. This one is coming our way courtesy of 4Chan, and as often as they're right... they're also often wrong. This leaker claims to have a sh*t-ton of info on Breath of the Wild 2, and either he's just looking for his 15 minutes of fame, or this is the most important Breath of the Wild 2 article you've read thus far.

Breath of the Wild 2 Leaks: Story, Gameplay & More

The leaker claims to have played BotW 2, and does an AmA on 4Chan. Thus, the following leaks are in no particular order, and they are simply answers to questions that users had. I will just bullet point all the leaks for you below. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway: This contains potential spoilers.

  • There is no Master Sword, because Link returned it to Korok Forest, where it is now floating in the sky
  • The game is the same difficulty as Breath of the Wild
  • There are more traditional dungeons, and the shrines are now in even older ruins, located all over the overworld
  • The setup is the same as the first game, but more dramatic
  • The enemies are mostly the same, but slightly more evolved. However, there are new underground enemies, that use time mechanics
  • Items still have durability, but some enemies with time reversal mechanics, heal your weapon upon striking them
  • The plot is mainly about time manipulation and another dimension
  • The green arm is given to Link from a sage that gives you new mechanics throughout the game
  • Zelda is in another dimension, and you have to swap to her character to solve puzzles. There's a lot of teamwork between her and Link
  • Zelda has no combat, mostly stealth. She also has no gear or inventory
  • Zelda uses the slate from BOTW 1, while Link uses powers from the Sage
  • There are many references to Ocarina of Time
  • There are six dungeons in total
  • The game takes place immediately after BOTW 1
  • Ganon has to be restored to his physical form, in order to kill him, since his undead form is unkillable
  • There are double sword weapons, a power that slows time, and new mounts which are the size of two horses, called lanmola

That's it. Sounds believable enough to me, and actually has me more excited for the game than anything I've seen thus far. Still, we can only wait and see for now, since BotW is still ways away. If you need to get your open-world fix, then maybe try Arceus for now, which actually turned out better than I thought.