Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Will Have Infinite Weapons & Vehicles Thanks To Revolutionary Crafting

The first full gameplay reveal for Tears of the Kingdom showed off the game’s crazy Fuse and Ultrahand systems, which will allow you to craft infinite combinations of weapons and vehicles.

Zelda TOTK Gameplay
Tears of the Kingdom will have infinite possibilities. | © Nintendo

Everyone was very hyped for the first proper gameplay reveal of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. And it absolutely delivered: the roughly 13 minutes of gameplay showed off some jaw-dropping new gameplay systems, with the Fuse system being the absolute highlight.

Tears of the Kingdom Revolutionizes Crafting

Based on previous trailers, it was already speculated that you will be able to craft your own vehicles in the game. This was now confirmed, as the gameplay reveal demonstrated the new Ultrahand ability. With this, Link can combine any items and objects to create new constructions, including vehicles.

Zelda totk vehicle
Yes, we can build our own vehicles in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom! | © Nintendo

This video showed off a ridiculous looking motorized raft, which Link constructed to get across a lake. This part of Fuse looks super fun and creative, and it’s good to see that this part of crafting offers you tons of possibilities and options.

But you can also combine weapons and items and create brand-new tools with the new Fuse ability. This looks absolutely bananas. You see Link combine a stick with a pitchfork to create a mega long lance, a shield with a mushroom for a smoke screen and an arrow with an eye to get a homing arrow? The possibilities seem endless and I absolutely can’t wait to see all the ridiculous combinations you can create in the game. People will have a field day with this.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Weapon Fused
Don't have a good weapon? Just make your own! | © Nintendo

BOTW is already one of the most creative games of all time. To this day, six years after release, you still see clips of people coming up with new amazing things to do in the game. This seems to have dialed up to 11 with Zelda: TOTK. And I’m just talking about this crazy crafting stuff. I didn’t even mention that you can turn back time! Ugh, May 12 can’t come soon enough.

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