Meet the New Elden Ring Competition

I, The Inquisitor is getting a game adaption that has serious Elden Ring vibes. Here's what we know about it.

I the Inquisitor elden ring
Because the real inquisitors were super friendly. | © I, The Inquisitor

So with Elden Ring being as succesful as it is, do we change the term souls-like to... I don't know, Elden-like? I mean, technically Elden Ring is souls-like, but at this point it's definitely the bigger game, with Elon Musk shouting it out and all...

I, The Inquisitor Gives Us Elden Ring Vibes

So what is this game I'm talking about? It goes by the name of I, The Inquisitor, based on the eponymous books by Jacek Piekara. The story revolves around Jesus not being down with his crucifixion, and lashing out rather than being forgiving. As a result, he spawns a generation of Inquisitors that are more violent than the inquisitors of our time.

In the game, you control Mordimer, one of the inquisitors, and you either punish sinners or show mercy. Thus, the non-linear game is not just all about combat, but actually let's you make decisions, features a lot of dialogue and sees you solve crime cases against those who have broken their faith. Beyond this, you uncover the truth of a dark evil from another realm, that's threatening the world of the living.

The game's premise sounds promising, and the gameplay isn't far behind: The sword-based combat looks good, and the detective-elements promise to set the game apart from other Elden-likes, when it releases some time for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.