Elden Ring Guide: How To Respec And Reset Stats

Have you skilled the wrong way in Elden Ring or found a cool new weapon that requires different stats? We'll show you how to respec and redistribute your attributes in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring respec
You can reset your attributes thanks to this fine lady with the strange hat and shiny egg. | © From Software

Elden Ring offers players incredible freedom. And not only thanks to the excellent open world, no, also in terms of your builds. You can literally do what you want. Strength build with a fat sword? No problem! Dex build with two katanas? Sure! Fat tank with Magic? Why not? With so much freedom and so many different weapons and items with different requirements, it can of course happen that you skill your character in a wrong way, or you suddenly realize that a pure Mage build just isn't that much fun and you'd rather go into melee. No worries, because you can respec your character in Elden Ring and reset your stats.

Fortunately, all of this is possible, because Elden Ring gives us the ability to re-skill and reset all of our attributes. For a small price, you can redistribute all your skill points and undo mistakes or try completely new builds. Today, we'll show you how and where to do that and what you need to do it.

How To Reset Your Attributes & Stats in Elden Ring

In order to respec, you must first reach a certain point in the game. To be precise, you must have defeated the boss Rennala. The lady in question is located in Liurnia of the Lakes and is the boss at the end of the Raya Lucaria Academy. Luckily for you, we already have a detailed guide on how to defeat Rennala.

If you haven't reached that point in the game yet, just follow that guide and then come back here.

Talk To Rennala

After you defeat Rennala, she will sit in this room for the rest of the game with a mysterious egg in her arms. When you talk to her, you can select the "Rebirth" option to reset all your attributes to their base value and respec (depending on which character you started the game with, of course, these base values will be different).

The so-called rebirth is not free, however, but costs you one larval tear each. The larval tears are particularly rare items that you can find in the course of the game or that are dropped by certain enemies. But don't worry, they're rare, but you'll find enough to repec at least a few times per run even if you don't explicitly look for them.

Where To Find Larval Tears

To make it easier for you to respec, we have marked a few places on the following picture where you can find larval tears quite early in the game:

Larval tears locations
You can find Larval Tears here. | © From Software

At these four spots, you can find Larval Tears early in the game:

  • Agheel Lake South: Run up the rock wall and kill the human enemy, who then transforms into a Rune Bear and drops a Larval Tear.
  • Fallen Ruins of the Lakes: South of the Site of Grace, you will find a big lobster that also transforms and drops a Larval Tear.
  • Village of the Albinaurics: Behind a coffin in the village, you will find a Larval Tear.
  • Abandoned Merchant in Siofra: Travel underground via the well to Siofra and search for the Abandoned Merchant, who will sell you a Larval Tear for 3000 souls.

Of course, there are many more Larval Tears in Elden Ring and new ones are found all the time. An overview of all known locations can be found at fextralife.

That's all you need to know to respec your character. What is your best build and have you ever had to call on Rennala for help? If you're still looking for a good spirit ash, here's a guide to find the Mimic Tear. Or maybe you want to upgrade your Flasks even further? Then check out these guides: