Full, Unrestricted Co-Op Added to Elden Ring

Elden Ring was missing exactly one thing: Proper, unrestricted co-op, and now... the PC version is getting exactly that.

Elden Ring Co-Op
Honestly, this game just begs to be played with a friend in its entirety. | © Elden Ring

First things first: PlayStation gamers, Xbox gamers... sorry, but you're out. This one is PC-only. Not because FromSoftware hates you, but rather because FromSoftware hates all: This Elden Ring Co-Op mode is not an official FromSoftware addition, but rather, it is a dedicated fan that is making all this possible with a mod.

Elden Ring Is Getting Co-Op on PC

It's honestly baffling to me, how this feature wasn't in the game from the start, or why FromSoftware never got around to patching it in. Seriously, ever since the first Demon's Souls, all we wanted was proper co-op in a souls-like game, without any online restrictions. Now, Luke Yui is making every Elden Ring player's wish come true by adding exactly that. Thanks to good ol' Luke you can now team up across the enitrety of the Lands Between.

The mod will be released on May 27, and it will be downloadable via Nexus Mods. Of course, this is a huge win for all PC gamers, but a huge L for consoles, which have no such modding capabilities. It remains to be seen whether FromSoftware will eventually add an official unrestricted co-op mode to Elden Ring, but if they're previous games are anything to go by... I wouldn't hold my breath.