Dataminer Discovers Ranked PvP in Elden Ring

A dataminer has uncovered something all Elden Ring fans have been praying for: A ranked PvP system.

Elden Ring gameplay
Can't wait... to bust ass. | © FromSoftware

Gotta love these dedicated fans that just rummage through games' data for no reason other than passion and love. They are the true MVPs - change my mind. Now, one of these dedicated dataminers has uncovered what's arguably the most requested feature: A ranked PvP mode.

Ranked PvP Coming to Elden Ring?

The real question is: Why is ranked PvP in the game, but... not in the game? But, hey, let me start at the beginning... The user in question is Twitter leaker StrayKurtis, and good old Kurtis found popups in the game, that relate to a progression system tied to various Elden Ring Factions.

Scrapped content? DLC content? There is no way to know, but that doesn't stop us from speculating. Could there be an in-depth PvP system in place inside of Elden Ring?

If you consider, that another leaker has uncovered a Colosseum system, then things get very interesting. It does seem like FromSoftware either plans for Elden Ring to have legit PvP, or planned for it, but later scrapped it. It wouldn't be unsurprising if we get these PvP elements in the form of DLC. It could simply be the case that FromSoftware was first worrying about pushing out the best single-player game possible, and once they're satisfied with that, they will give us that sweet, sweet PvP multiplayer DLC.