Yes, You Can Play Elden Ring With A Fisher Price Toy

The Streamer Rudeism has transformed the Fisher-Price controller into an Xbox controller.

Elden Ring, Fisher Price
Baby's first gaming set-up | © Rudeism (Twitter), © From Software

Streamer Dylan "Rudeism" Beck has built a working controller out of a baby toy. The Fisher Price Game & Learn Controller is the first controller for toddlers. It brings some buttons and analog sticks that real controllers also have. People are always making gamepads out of unconventional things, or playing through games like Elden Ring with a Guitar Hero guitar for example, so this isn't even that surprising.

No separate battery fits in the case anymore, and the controller can only be used through a wire. He replaces the analog stick's simple switch with a true dual-axis joystick. In addition, the non-functional shoulder buttons of the original had to be equipped with electronic switches.

You Can Play Elden Ring With A Fisher Price Toy

The controller can do everything a standard controller can do, plus it makes all those annoying sounds sound like it did before,” Beck says.

In order to simulate a full-fledged Xbox One controller, however, some buttons have to be double-mapped; after all, there is only one analog stick here and no additional switches. If the yellow toggle switch is pressed, then the assignment of the analog stick changes from the left to the right stick, while A, B, C and D optionally function as Start, Select and Guide.

Beck demonstrates the working pad with the smiling face in a short video on Twitter. While he plays Elden Ring, the speech sounds of the original Kids Gamepad are heard.

“My God, this thing is so annoying!” he says.

Rudeism is known for his playthroughs of sometimes very difficult games with all kinds of input devices. Among other things, he played through Dark Souls 3 with a Morse code button, or Jedi Fallen Order with a lightsaber! It's amazing what you can do these days. Hopefully he'll show us another fun idea soon.

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